my 1st modular Glico83

Thing One spacemod

Little Boy brosfeld

My palest Frac ???

Frac JAGNR monkeyfinger

Nice Rack fractaljim

Cosmo the Fixer

Blacet THE Source audiomagi

Alien Orchestra zerosum

My Euro/Frac system (Frac-Rack part) re_touch

SynthVoice (copied from BugBrand) crushingme

[bug | expanded synth voice] (copied from scanner_darkly) Midiist

Noise rack Chaotic

Frac (Sequence) Madness miltoid

Frac Madness miltoid

My sarcastic Frac nathancolgate

Bugs!! mig2

My 19inch Frac eef

Phantomex_Frac koyotemohn

My funky Eurorack wiggler29929

Blue Mod Case jreineke

My nasty Frac wiggler8170

My wasted Frac merlatte

JM Blacet and DIY Rack with Echo and Sequencer jmason999

BugBrand mostly reds + DRM2 Phijel

Frac jnn024

gosh darn xprobutt

My awkward Frac wiggler8693

My confused Frac wiggler53373

My eternal Eurorack Aardvark

My legal Eurorack wiggler6119

My random Frac wiggler6386

BugBrand - current Westcoastmodular

My absurd Frac Westcoastmodular

My gross Eurorack wiggler41933

Bugbrand system rico loverde

My fat Eurorack wiggler6238

Totally fucking rad blacet setup ghost of n phay

Frac System (copied from theodore) KinneticSlammer

My sphenic Eurorack Rutherford

BugBrand Red a100user

Bug Brand pagoda-100

My spoiled Frac wiggler29823

My normal Frac wiggler120310

My Cyber Monosynth Frac mamonu

Plufbun alesauskas