Power Consumption: 2533 mA +15V | 1287 mA -15V | Depth: 0 mm | Price: $7,830 | Number of Modules: 128 | Data Sheet
Achtung This Rack contains modules with incomplete power consumption specs: Catgirl Synth Waveshape VCO, Catgirl Synth Reverb, Barton Random Resonator, Gabotronics Mixed Signal Oscilloscope, Barton Simple CV Quantizer, Barton User Writable Quantizer, ADV-Snare, HexInverter NeinOhNein Kick, PAiA Drum Tone Board, PAiA Hot Springs Reverb, Midwest Analog Products ADV-Bass, Mattson Amplitude Follower, Mattson Gate Delay, Mattson / Patchell VCF, Mattson VCO, Synthrotek Atari Punk Console, Synthrotek PT2399 Delay, Synthrotek Coron DS8 Clone, Synthrotek LoFi Fuzz, Catgirl Synth V8 Engine Simulator, Catgirl Synth Chime Simulator, HexInverter Liquid HiHat, HexInverter AteOhAte Mutant Cowbell, HexInverter vcNOIZ, HexInverter batteryACID, HexInverter NeinOhNein Clap/Rim, Highly Liquid MD24 Midi Decoder, Doepfer MT16, Saw Animator, Zeroscillator, PAiA 9802 Phono Preamp, Catgirl Synth Drum Simulator, Catgirl Synth Psycho LFO, Catgirl Synth Steiner Synthacon VCF, Barton Quad Gate Delay / Looper, Bleep Labs Bleep Drum / Cradle, Catgirl Synth Digital Noise, Barton Wave Animator, COMMODORE 64 nSIDeus CTRL, FD Expander, 7" TFT Monitor Panel, Commodore 64 Panel, Commodore 64 Interface, 1Song, Mattson SQ816, Significant Other, 808 Bass Clone, BMW Mini Wave Expander, OBERmod Snake, Multiplicity XV, Trunks, Multi-Window Comparator , Catgirl Synth / Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator, Catgirl Synth / Serge Smooth and Stepped Generator, Hexinverter.net Postman EG, Blank Panel, Blank Panel