Related Modules

Manufacturer Name Short Description HP
Blacet LED Bar Graph Blacet LED Bar Graph BG2520 1 View
PAiA 9746 Patchbay PAiA 9746 Patchbay Two sets of passive patch points for combining or splitting signals within a system. 1 View
PAiA 9756 Linear to Exponential Converter & Inverter PAiA 9756 Linear to Exponential Converter & Inverter Two independent functions, a linear-to-exponential control voltage (CV) converter and a signal inverter. 1 View
Metalbox Divider & Logic Metalbox Divider & Logic Pulse Divider/Boolean Logic 3 View
Metalbox Gated Comparator Metalbox Gated Comparator 2 View
Other/unknown ES-1 Other/unknown ES-1 CV outs from Audio interface 1 View
Other/unknown PSIM-1 Other/unknown PSIM-1 Programable CV generator 2 View
Other/unknown Multi-Window Comparator Other/unknown Multi-Window Comparator Multi-Window Comparator 2 View
PAiA FRB-2 PAiA FRB-2 Blank Panel 2 View
Other/unknown Diodes Other/unknown Diodes Switchable diodes 1 View
BugBrand Diode Director REV1 BugBrand Diode Director REV1 2 bus summing / routing system 1 View
BugBrand Logic BugBrand Logic Logic module 1 View
BugBrand Matrix Mixer BugBrand Matrix Mixer Matrix Mixer 6 x 4 5 View