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Radio Music (minijacks) 1 HP Sampling View
Stroh Modular Stereo Pulse VCO 2 HP Oscillator View
Synthcube/ Barton Dual Quantizer 1 HP Quantizer View
CS80.Com GX1 Bandpass Filter Module 1 HP Filter View
PRC5 Minijack 1 HP Waveshaper View
5Pulser 1 HP Waveshaper View

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Rated Modules

This User rated 14 modules.

Radio Music (minijacks) (5), Dual Linear VCA (5), Binary Zone (5), Cloud Generator (5), MIDIverter (5), 9747 Mixer Splitter (5), VCO (5), PRC5 Minijack (4), am4023 low pass filter, 1u frac (4), DAD (4), Micro LFO (4), 9751 Noise Source (3), Mixer (3) and Sequential Switch (3)
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