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Frac3: Bananalogue MOTM Wiard Cynthia Oakley STG Frac View
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Submitted Modules

Serge 3P 1 HP Mixer View
Yves Usson Gate Delay 2 HP View
Neural Agonizer 4 HP EffectReverb View
FrequenSteiner 2 HP Filter View
Wave Folder 2 HP Waveshaper View
Morphing Terrarium 2 HP Oscillator View
Joystick 2 HP Controller View
Dual Drum 2 HP Drum View
Cynare 4 HP Drum View
Equinoxe 2 HP Phase Shifter View
VCO 3 HP Oscillator View
Dual ADSR–VCA 3 HP Envelope GeneratorVCA View
COTA VCF 2 HP Filter View
Sample/Slew 2 HP Sample and HoldSlew Limiter View
Gated Comparator 2 HP Utility View
Resonant Equalizer 2 HP Equalizer View
Wogglebug #3 2 HP Clock GeneratorCV ModulationOscillatorRandomRing ModulatorSample and Hold View
Peak Freak 2 HP Filter View
CV Sequencer 2 HP Sequencer View
Matrix Mixer 4 HP Mixer View
LPFA 2 HP Filter View
Serge WVX 2 HP Waveshaper View
Divider & Logic 3 HP LogicUtility View