2 U
109 mm deep
Current Draw
55 mA +15V
15 mA -15V
0 mA 5V
$495 Price in €

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Dual Quantizer 55B

Dual Quantizer module. Two discrete circuits, functionally independent and identical. Converts continuous signal to DC step output voltage conforming to typical musical scales. Fast sample acquisition time, resulting in excellent response/ conversion with no audible slew. Zero Droop design.

Note Regarding Power Consumption:
In testing with a Rigol DP832 power supply I'm getting different values then previously posted and in measuring the two different copies I have here they are not the same either. (the older one is reading higher than the newer one). For what it's worth I'm going to make notes here on the previously reported values and the values I'm measuring.
John L Rice January 11th 2018

Previously Reported Values: 45mA @ +15v and 45mA @ -15v
JLR's 55B with a 2007 PCB: 95mA @ +15v and 15mA @ -15v
JLR's 55B with a 2012 PCB: 55mA @ +15v and 15mA @ -15v


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