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Submitted Modules

Organizer HP Pitch Shifter View
Procession V2 HP Reverb View
Eterna Gold Modified HP Reverb View
swindler workers comp HP View
M5 HP Multieffect View
The Warden HP Dynamics View
Bogner Aplification - Harlow HP PreAmpDynamics View
Subdecay Starlight flanger HP Flanger View
caverns v1 HP DelayReverb View
720 Looper HP LooperDual/Stereo View
Magnifica V2 HP Reverb View
Shimverb Pro HP Reverb View
TU-2 HP Tuner View
POG HP Pitch Shifter View
Dharma Drive HP PreAmp View

Rated Modules

This User rated 5 modules.

TU-2 (5), Magnifica V2 (5), Organizer (5), Shimverb Pro (4) and The Warden (4)
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