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03/22/19 hadj Other/unknown Abstrakt Instruments - Avalon Bassline
The core circuitry of the avalon is based on the revered Roland TB-303 bassline synthesizer
EU £1,500.00  Perfect condition, with original box and comes with the R:OTA and SEM Filter carts. Thi...  View
03/22/19 hadj Red Panda Context
EU £150.00  Mint condition, only used on a desk. Comes with original box.  View
03/22/19 hadj Endangered Audio Research AD4096 mk2
Analog Delay with Loop insert
EU £225.00  excellent condition. Postage £5 for UK £10 for EU shipping. All shipping is fully ...  View
03/21/19 Kaneda87 EarthQuaker Devices Rainbow Machine
Polyphonic Pitch Shifting Modulator
EU €190,00  pedal in perfect condition. incl.shipping from Italy. cheers  View
03/19/19 bj_gzp Akai Hexacomp
Multiband compressor
EU €190,00  In perfect condition, rarely used, comes with original box. Shipping is not included ...  View
03/18/19 CordilaiSlauti Korg X-911 Guitar Synthesizer
Monophonic analog guitar synthesizer
EU €600,00  The overall condition of this *Korg X-911 Guitar Synthesizer* is *like new* | *good* | ...  View
03/17/19 jizzy_julez Boss RE-20 Space Echo
Tap Tempo Tape Echo Emulation Pedal
EU €125,00  The overall condition of this *Boss RE-20 Space Echo* is *very good* ###technical co...  View
03/17/19 Belleville Red Panda Particle
digital delay/pitch shifting pedal
EU €238,00  Like new, perfect condition! shipping (tracked): Germany 7€ Europe 15€ or pick up...  View
03/04/19 f33d Montreal Assembly Count to 5
Delay - Sampler
EU €395,00  The overall condition of this *Montreal Assembly Count to 5* is *like new*. ###techn...  View
02/20/19 mutedial Strymon El Capistan
Japan $300.00  The overall condition of this *Strymon El Capistan* is *like new* ###technical cond...  View
02/18/19 ismtenrom KOMA Elektronik FT201 - Filter / 10 Step Sequencer
State Variable Filter with built-in 10 Step Sequencer
EU €290,00  The overall condition of this *KOMA Elektronik FT201 - Filter / 10 Step Sequencer * is ...  View
02/17/19 OTHK Eventide PitchFactor
EU €350,00  The overall condition of this *Eventide PitchFactor* is good ###shipping * I will s...  View
01/18/19 djthopa Strymon Mobius
Multidimensional modulation effects pedal
EU €400,00  The overall condition of this *Strymon Mobius is new with original box and guarantee. ...  View
01/18/19 Matthew Ashmore Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude
Imparting a dark and tape-like quality to your sound, this analogue delay offers a rich and distinct character for you to wallow in luxury, self-righteousness and filth.
USA $230.00  Minty. Never been on the floor and only been on my desk. It was purchased new about a m...  View
01/01/19 pauk Strymon Timeline
EU €410,00  In perfect condition, Shipping is 10€ to eu F/f paypal or you cover fees  View
12/30/18 sceledra Walrus Audio Descent
USA $200.00  The overall condition of this *Walrus Audio Descent* is *like new* always on a pedal b...  View
12/30/18 sceledra Other/unknown Lightfoot Labs - Goatkeeper
Tap tempo Tremolo / Sequencer
USA $450.00  The overall condition of this *Other/unknown Lightfoot Labs - Goatkeeper* is in great s...  View
12/26/18 verschroben Pigtronix Philosophers Tone Micro
EU $100.00  The overall condition of this *Pigtronix Philosophers Tone Micro* is *like new* ###t...  View

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