Modified Price Name Seller Region Description
04/20/21 $124.93  DOD Envelope Filter FX25B
Envelope filter with added Blend
EU A vintage from the 90's in full working order. [![DOD Envelope Filter FX25B](https://i...  View
04/20/21 $110.00  T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon
Power Supply
USA Everything is in excellent condition. Works, and looks perfect! I've upgraded the power...  View
04/20/21 $424.76  Eventide PitchFactor
EU Selling my Pedal.Very good condition. [![Eventide Pitchfactor](https://images.reverb....  View
04/20/21 $165.00  Walrus Audio Slö
Reverb Pedal
USA Like new in box with all the goodies. [![Walrus Audio Slö](  View
04/20/21 $65.00  TC Electronic Ditto Looper
Mono version of the Ditto Looper
USA Pedal is in excellent condition. Works, and looks perfect!Thanks, and enjoy!Will ship p...  View
04/20/21 $75.00  TC Electronic Vortex Mini Flanger
USA Pedal is in excellent condition. Works, and looks perfect. The toneprints for this peda...  View
04/20/21 $129.30  Boss DD-20 Giga Delay
Digital Delay
Australia Good working condition No box [![Boss DD-20 Giga Delay](  View
04/20/21 $125.00  Xotic Soul Driven
USA Up for sale is the mighty Soul Driven from legendary guitar & pedal company Xotic. ...  View
04/20/21 $59.97  TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster
Boost pedal
EU Highlight and “spoil” your playing with the top equipment with a spark Mini Booster ped...  View
04/20/21 $119.00  Electro-Harmonix Blurst
Modulated filter
USA Used EHX Blurst modulated filter pedal in great working condition. The perfect pedal fo...  View
04/20/21 $135.00  Boss RC-3 Loop Station
Stereo looper pedal with 99 memory slots and rhythm patterns
USA Very good condition! Some signs of use, but nothing too bad.please see photos!ships fas...  View
04/20/21 $179.00  Pigtronix Rototron
Analog Rotary Speaker Effect
USA This is in great, almost new condition, only been used at home. It was an open box whe...  View
04/20/21 $130.00  Tech 21 SansAmp Programmable Bass Driver DI
3-channel version of the Bass Driver
USA The SansAmp Bass Driver DI is capable of dialing up big vintage tube tones, bright mode...  View
04/20/21 $135.00  Mr. Black Supermoon Chrome
Modulated Reverb
USA Great reverb! For the size of this unit with such few controls it really is amazing on ...  View
04/20/21 $170.00  Foxrox FR100
Dual-mode, stacked overdrive
USA Up for sale is a foxrox fr100. Recently purchased to build a pedal board that will no l...  View
04/20/21 $70.00  Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer
USA This is a nicely worn in CS-3 with the excellent Supreme mod kit from Fromel Electronic...  View
04/20/21 $200.00  JHS Panther Cub Delay V1.5
Analog Delay
USA Works great, comes with box and paperwork. [![JHS Panther cub V 1.5](https://images....  View
04/20/21 $20.00  Joyo JF-16 British Sound
Marshall tone
USA The controls on the pedal are fairly straightforward, with the gain control taking you ...  View
04/20/21 $50.00  Behringer UC200 Ultra Chorus
USA Behringer UC200 Ultra Chorus pedal in excellent condition. Behringer's clone of the B...  View
04/20/21 $129.99  Vox Vox v845 wah
v845 Wah
USA I am selling a Vox wah with a 3 Q selector. Great sound and no issue. Buyer must conta...  View
04/20/21 $161.62  Behringer SM200 Slow Motion
Australia The SM200 effects pedal smoothes out your guitar's attack and swells the volume automat...  View
04/20/21 $370.00  Strymon Iridium
Amp & cab modeler
USA This pedal is like new. Never left my house. It comes with everything originally includ...  View
04/20/21 $49.99  Dunlop DVP1 Volume Pedal
Volume Pedal
USA Dunlop DVP1 Volume pedal.  All in good working order with some good, solid play we...  View
04/20/21 $100.00  Electro-Harmonix Bass Mono Synth
Bass Synthesizer
USA Really killer programmable synth pedal with a bunch of classic song tones built in.. to...  View
04/20/21 $300.00  Analogman Mini Beano Boost
Mini germanium boost
USA Analogman Beano Boost 2019 with DC jack and original box. Mint. [![Analogman Beano Boo...  View
04/20/21 $50.00  Behringer OD300 Overdrive Distortion
USA Behringer OD300 Overdrive Distortion pedal in excellent condition.Behringer's clone of ...  View
04/20/21 $230.00  Darkglass Electronics x7
crossover comp/distortion
USA REALLY killer distortion with low end compressor to add Earth crushing low end to one o...  View
04/20/21 $54.21  TC Electronic Choka Tremolo
Vintage-Flavored All-Analog Tremolo Pedal
Canada Never used but does have Velcro on the bottom bonus!   [![TC Electronic Choka T...  View
04/20/21 $140.00  Source Audio Aftershock
Bass Distortion PEdal
USA *awesome* bass distortion swiss army knife, almost brand new Love it but dont need it.....  View
04/20/21 $95.00  MXR M108S Ten Band EQ Special Edition
Ten Band EQ
USA MXR M108s ten band eq. In silver. Excellent condition. With box and power supply. ...  View
04/20/21 $85.00  MXR M135 Smart Gate
Noise Gate
USA MXR M135 smart gate pedal. Mint condition. Works perfectly. No box or power supply....  View
04/20/21 $585.00  Cooper FX Generation Loss v2
Vibrato / VHS degradation
USA Includes all original packaging. Barely used [![Cooper FX Generation Loss V2](https:...  View
04/20/21 $30.00  TC Electronic Forcefield Compressor
Effects Pedal For Electric Guitar
USA Studio use only. Works as it should. [![TC Electronic Forcefield Compressor](https:/...  View
04/20/21 $178.00  Walrus Audio Slö
Reverb Pedal
USA Walrus Audio Slö NIB. Only removed for photos.Free 2Day shipping! [![Walrus Audio Slö]...  View
04/20/21 $40.00  Behringer UM300 Ultra Metal
USA Behringer UM300 Ultra Metal pedal in excellent condition. Behringer's clone of the Boss...  View
04/20/21 $200.00  Fulltone Mini Deja Vibe CS-MDV-1
USA Mini deja vibe in very good condition. Has Velcro applied to the back. Will also includ...  View
04/20/21 $100.00  Zvex Distortron
USA ZVex Distortron, gently used and well loved in a smoke free studio. Comes with original...  View
04/20/21 $101.82  EarthQuaker Devices Plumes
Small Signal Shredder
Australia The Plumes is a low/medium gain overdrive based on the widely known green pro-overdrive...  View
04/20/21 $120.00  MXR EVH Phase 90
USA MXR EVH Phase 90, gently used and well loved in a smoke free studio. Works entirel...  View
04/20/21 $235.00  MXR EVH-117 Flanger
USA EVH Flanger, gently used and well loved in a smoke free studio. Works entirely as ...  View
04/20/21 $100.00  MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
Effects Pedal
USA MXR carbon copy analog delay, classic warm analogue repeats with optional modulation. T...  View
04/20/21 $279.00  JHS Pink Panther Delay
Digital Delay
USA JHS pink panther delay. Discontinued. Very rare. Minor cosmetic wear. Please feel ...  View
04/20/21 $75.00  Strymon MultiSwitch
Expression Extension for Strymon Pedals
USA Strymon multi switch, mint, in box with cable, sticker, rubber feet that haven’t been a...  View
04/20/21 $163.00  Wampler Equator
USA **Will Disinfect Before Shipment**   Great pedal all around. Not only is it an eye...  View
04/20/21 $120.00  Wampler Tumnus Overdrive
Effects pedal for electric guitar
USA Killer pedal. Comes with the box. [![Wampler Tumnus](  View
04/20/21 $1,199.00  Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808
USA Super cool vintage Ibanez Tube Screamer in very good condition! It looks great for its ...  View
04/20/21 $145.00  MXR M300 Digital Reverb
USA Excellent condition MXR reverb pedal! Has velcro applied to the back. Will include orig...  View
04/20/21 $350.00  Montreal Assembly Count to 5
Delay - Sampler
USA Up for sale is a Montreal assembly count to 5. It’s in really great condition, just a c...  View
04/20/21 $295.00  Zvex Box of Rock
Box of Rock Vexter edition
USA Hand Painted BoR in perfect condition, only played in home music room. [![Zvex Box of ...  View
04/20/21 $60.00  Digitech Bass Multi Chorus
USA Excellent Chorus pedal. Works perfectly, comes in original box.X-Series® Multi Chorus™ ...  View
04/20/21 $100.00  MXR M288 Bass Octave Deluxe
Bass Octave pedal
USA Excellent/mint condition, no original box Shipped free [![MXR M288 Bass Octave Delux...  View
04/20/21 $60.00  Electro-Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Pi
USA Pedal works perfectly. Original ox included.  [![Electro-Harmonix Triangle Big Mu...  View
04/20/21 $393.55  Boss FZ-2 Hyper Fuzz
Australia Rare and highly coveted Hyper Fuzz as used by the doomiest of doomers; the FZ-2 offers ...  View
04/20/21 $199.00  Foxpedal Kingdom Combo V2
Foxpedal Boost and Overdrive Combo Pedal
USA Excellent condition Foxpedal Kingdom from 2017 limited run vintage style with top mount...  View
04/20/21 $130.00  TC Electronic Alter Ego V2 Vintage Echo
Vintage echo
USA Excellent and versatile delay pedal. Has been in a tabletop pedalboard most if it’s lif...  View
04/20/21 $85.00  Xotic SP Compressor
USA Up for Sale: A killer compressor that is an industry standard.Overall in excellent...  View
04/20/21 $130.00  Boss DD-20 Giga Delay
Digital Delay
USA Classic Boss programmable Delay. Has been a mainstay in my rig for years. The pedal fun...  View
04/20/21 $120.00  MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
Effects Pedal
USA Mint barely used carbon copy delay. Sounds fantastic. Great modulation. [![MXR M169...  View
04/20/21 $30.00  Joyo JF-13 AC Tone
Amp Simulator of the Vox AC-30
USA My JOYO ACTONE!! Much love to this pedal, was my original rig when transitioning from s...  View
04/20/21 $149.00  JHS Charlie Brown V4
Every guitarist loves the sound and feel of a Marshall JTM45 amp head. And with the JHS Pedals Charlie Brown V4 amp-in-a-box, you can put that same thick, chewy, old-school rock tone onto your pedalboard.
USA Great pedal!  Please give it good home [![JHS Charlie Brown](https://images.rever...  View
04/20/21 $60.00  DOD Phasor 201
DOD Phaser
USA Used phasor 201 in great shape. Slight wear from normal playing. [![DOD Phasor 201](h...  View
04/20/21 $130.00  MXR M87 Bass Compressor
Effect Pedal
USA Amazing Bass Compressor.Barely used, works perfectly fine. Comes in original box.Take y...  View
04/20/21 $175.00  EarthQuaker Devices Astral Destiny
Octal Octave Reverberation Odyssey
USA Earthquaker devices Astral destiny. Mint condition. This pedal only has a couple h...  View
04/20/21 $225.00  Keeley Tone Workstation
3-in-1 compression/boost/drive pedal
USA Lots of goodies in a little box. If you’re into gain stacking you’ll love this. You get...  View
04/20/21 $145.46  Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 PLUS
Power supply for up to 8 pedals
Australia In good condition, comes with box and all the included adapters/cables [![Voodoo Lab ...  View
04/20/21 $259.99  JHS Firefly
Fuzz Pedal
USA JHS firefly fuzz pedal. Discontinued. Mint condition. Includes box, and paperwork. ...  View
04/20/21 $245.00  Boss DD-500 Digital Delay
Multiple Delay
USA Like New! Never left my smoke-free home, I just decided to downsize to a smaller delay....  View
04/20/21 $60.00  ProCo Rat 2
Full Out Fuzzy Assault
USA This pedal is in excellent condition. Very light use. [![ProCo RAT 2](https://images.r...  View
04/20/21 $40.00  JHS Little Black Amp Box
Passive volume attenuator
USA JHS little black box. In like new condition with original box. Works as it should. Make...  View
04/20/21 $150.00  Fender Santa Ana Overdrive
Overdrive with boost
USA Open box and tested a bit, that’s it. Great deal. [![Fender Santa Ana Overdrive](http...  View
04/20/21 $80.00  JHS 3 Series Fuzz
Versatile fuzz box
USA Item is in mint condition. [![JHS 3 Series Fuzz](  View
04/20/21 $225.00  Eventide TimeFactor
Delay / Looper
USA 10 Classic Eventide Delay effects in an amazing pedal. Original power supply is in...  View
04/20/21 $225.00  T-Rex Replicator Jr Tape Echo Delay
Compact Tape Delay
USA Sweet Trex Replica delay for sale works great. Really lush warm sounding delay. Power s...  View
04/20/21 $75.00  JHS 3 Series Overdrive
USA Item is in mint condition. [![JHS 3 Series Overdrive](  View
04/20/21 $49.00  Chase Bliss Audio Midibox 2
MIDI DIN to 3x TRS adaptor
USA The Chase Bliss Audio Midibox allows you to connect Chase Bliss Audio (or Empress) peda...  View
04/19/21 $170.00  Foxpedal The City V2
TS Overdrive
USA Awesome overdrive with additional boost. Original box and box candy.  [![Foxpedal...  View
04/19/21 $120.00  MXR M-85 Bass Distortion
M-85 Bass Distortion
USA Slight bit of wear but sounds great. [![MXR M85 Bass Distortion](https://images.reverb...  View
04/19/21 $350.00  GFI System Specular Tempus
Specular Tempus is a powerful reverb and delay effect processor in a compact pedal.
USA Specular Tempus is a powerful reverb and delay effect processor in a compact pedal. Fea...  View
04/19/21 $165.00  Mad Professor Golden Cello
USA This is one of those pedals that is a combo of "fuzz" and "delay." I call it "Eric John...  View
04/19/21 $50.00  ProCo Rat 2
Full Out Fuzzy Assault
USA Works perfect. Just don't use anymore. [![ProCo Rat 2](  View
04/19/21 $94.00  Behringer SM200 Slow Motion
USA Behringer’s clone of the Slow Gear. Fully tested and works great. It’s missing the back...  View
04/19/21 $205.00  Strymon Brigadier
dBucket Brigade Delay
USA All the analog tone without the analog fuss! The Brigadier hasn't seen as much love as ...  View
04/19/21 $229.00  Boss BF-2 Flanger
Analog Flanger
USA Boss BF-2 Flanger in good working condition. Has seen very little use. Comes with Origi...  View
04/19/21 $767.71  Cooper FX Generation Loss v2
Vibrato / VHS degradation
Australia Fresh in from the US as part of a trade -- the Generation Loss V2.I'm content with my C...  View
04/19/21 $85.00  Boss BD-2 Blues Driver
USA Adapter not included [![Boss BD-2 Blues Driver](  View
04/19/21 $275.00  Strymon Compadre
Dual voice compressor and boost
USA Strymon CompadreThis pedal has hardly been used. No velcro, original box. Like new. Gre...  View
04/19/21 $200.00  Ibanez DE-7 Delay/Echo
USA Bought new when it came out and used lightly ever since [![Ibanez DE7 Delay](https:/...  View
04/19/21 $250.00  Strymon El Capistan
USA Used Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo Pedal Excellent Condition. [![Strymon El Capistan]...  View
04/19/21 $80.00  JHS Prestige
Signal Buffer & Boost
USA Cool little boost pedal, just have way to many.  Works as it should with Velcro on...  View
04/19/21 $475.00  Chase Bliss Audio Mood
Granular Sampler
USA A new mood [![Chase Bliss Audio Mood](  View
04/19/21 $85.00  Xotic SP Compressor
USA Great shape. [![Xotic SP Compressor](  View
04/19/21 $85.00  Xotic EP Booster
Preamp based on EchoPlex
USA Great shape. [![Xotic EP Booster](  View
04/19/21 $155.00  Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay
REISSUE, Analog Delay with Compander
USA Vintage Ibanez AD9 Analog Delay Pedal Amazing Sound Great Shape! Amazing warm tone, ver...  View
04/19/21 $330.00  Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal
USA I have for sale, one of the original, highly-coveted, legendary Boss HM-2 [Made in Tai...  View
04/19/21 $255.00  Meris Enzo
USA Incredibly deep synth pedal. The SEM-style settings onboard are particularly awesome. I...  View
04/19/21 $166.79  JHS SuperBolt V2
Canada Great overdrive. Does the cranked Supro Amp Fuzz / Distortion thing really well too, bu...  View
04/19/21 $129.99  TC Electronic Helix Phaser
USA Total Tonal Awesomeness Tons of guitarists throughout history have sworn by phase...  View
04/19/21 $145.00  Catalinbread Talisman
Plate Reverb Pedal with Key Sidechain Effects
USA Beautifully designed plate reverb to capture the classic tall mixes and sounds from the...  View
04/19/21 $105.00  MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
Effects Pedal
USA This MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay Shows very little use / wear at all. It works perfect...  View
04/19/21 $115.00  JHS SuperBolt V2
USA "The JHS Superbolt is a handbuilt, touch-sensitive overdrive/boost pedal that emulates ...  View

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