Modified Price Name Seller Region Description
07/31/21 $216.98  Jam Pedals The Ripple
UK I play guitar...I dig texture and detail...too many modern phasers are digital and cri... 
07/31/21 $79.00  Boss DD-3 Digital Delay
USA Very Good Condition. [![Boss DD-3 Digital Delay]( 
07/31/21 $133.00  JHS Angry Charlie V4
USA Great pedal, just changed direction of my board. [![JHS Angry Charlie](https://images... 
07/31/21 $159.00  JHS Bender
Replica of original Tonebender Fuzz
USA Used JHS Bender Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal Legends of Fuzz SeriesMint, with all origina... 
07/31/21 $50.00  Boss GE-7 Equalizer
Graphic Equalizer For Electric Guitar
USA Very Good Condition. [![Boss GE-7 Equalizer]( 
07/31/21 $260.00  Ibanez Tube Screamer TS808
USA Very cool TS808 modded by Analogman with the true vintage mod and true bypass. The prev... 
07/31/21 $495.13  Pladask Elektrisk Fabrikat
Granular Synthesizer / Sample Playback
UK Pladask Elektrisk Fabrikat pedal in excellent condition with box and manual  ... 
07/31/21 $129.00  TC Electronic DITTO+ LOOPER
Next Generation 60-Minute Multi-session Looper Pedal
USA Selling a nearly new Ditto+. Gently used for only a few hours in my smoke-free home stu... 
07/31/21 $123.86  Digitech Whammy 4
EU The pedal in the pictures is for sale (for other pictures, leave a message). In wor... 
07/31/21 $75.00  TC Electronic SpectraComp Bass Compressor
Effect Pedal for Bass Guitar
USA Fun little compressor at a little price! [![TC Electronic SpectraComp Bass Compressor]... 
07/31/21 $75.00  Digitech Trio+ Band Creator
Backing band and looper in stompbox format
USA Nice unit for adding bass and drums in a simple quick way to play along with your guita... 
07/31/21 $265.00  Boss DD-500 Digital Delay
Multiple Delay
USA A great all around delay! Just don't play very much anymore. [![Boss DD-500 Delay](ht... 
07/31/21 $100.00  Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb
Digital Stereo Reverb Pedal
USA Boss RV-5 Digital Reverb pedal 100% functional. All knobs operate smoothly and the tone... 
07/31/21 $119.00  Mr. Black Supermoon
Modulated Reverb
USA Really unique, tasteful reverb here. Great quality from Mr Black as always. [![Mr. Bla... 
07/31/21 $89.00  TC Electronic Sub'N'Up Octaver
Polyphonic Octave Pedal with Monophonic Octaver
USA Cool pedal! Like new! Act now and I will include a bag of Sweetwater candy…From the TC ... 
07/31/21 $334.94  Fairfield Circuitry Shallow Water
K-Field Modulator | Randomly modulating Chorus-Vibrato
UK Great pedal but I am slimming down my collection.Word of advice - This pedal is extreme... 
07/31/21 $247.72  Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff Pi
EU superbe fuzz vintage gros son !!!! [![Electro-Harmonix Little Big Muff](https://images... 
07/31/21 $145.63  Wampler Tumnus Deluxe
Mythical Overdrive Sound with EQ Controls
UK Perfect condition, original box and packaging. [![Wampler Tumnus](https://images.rever... 
07/31/21 $40.00  JHS Little Black Amp Box
Passive volume attenuator
USA I no longer need this device so now it is for sale [![JHS Little Black Amp Box](https:... 
07/31/21 $50.00  TC Electronic Honey Pot Fuzz
Vintage-Flavored Fuzz
USA One of the best budget fuzz pedals. [![TC Electronic Honey Pot Fuzz](https://images.r... 
07/31/21 $225.00  Death By Audio echo master
Analog Vocal Delay
USA Death By Audio Echo Master Vocal Delay in great shape with box and power supply. Works ... 
07/31/21 $493.67  Chase Bliss Audio Mood
Granular Sampler
UK Fantastic condition Chase Bliss Mood.I'm ruthlessly slimming down my pedal collection.D... 
07/31/21 $85.00  MXR M84 Bass Fuzz Deluxe
MXR M84 Bass Fuzz Deluxe
USA Excellent bass-centric fuzz pedal! I say bass-centric because it works very well wit... 
07/31/21 $145.00  MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive
Eddie Van Halen signature model
USA Currently selling my MXR EVH 5150 Overdrive. It’s a fantastic distortion that will tran... 
07/31/21 $140.00  JHS Emperor v2
USA Sounds great, works perfect. Just don't need anymore. My loss is your gain! [![JHS Emp... 
07/31/21 $129.00  Source Audio Soundblox 2 Orbital Modulator
USA This unit replaced a Mobius, thats how good the Chorus, Flange and Phaser sound.Two sou... 
07/31/21 $276.57  Analogman Peppermint Fuzz
Canada Nice fuzz but cutting the fuzz collection down. [![Analogman Peppermint Fuzz](https://... 
07/31/21 $79.99  Voodoo Lab Superfuzz
USA This pedal comes to us in excellent condition with no scratches and all of the knobs an... 
07/31/21 $245.00  Analogman Prince of Tone
USA New condition. 2021 [![Analogman Prince Of Tone]( 
07/31/21 $79.99  Xotic SL Drive
USA Here is an Xotic SL Drive distortion pedal that is in excellent condition and ready to ... 
07/31/21 $449.00  Neo Instruments Ventilator II
Rotary Cabinet Simulator
USA This unit would be listed as MINT but I call it EXCELLENT since I stuck fuzzy velcro on... 
07/31/21 $229.00  Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress (Classic)
The classic analog Flanger
USA Here today is a beautiful Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Electric Mistress pedal in like new c... 
07/31/21 $72.81  TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster
Boost pedal
UK Spark for sale, in the box, very good condition. [![TC Electronic Spark Booster](http... 
07/31/21 $220.00  Strymon Brigadier
dBucket Brigade Delay
USA Awesome pedal, just not using it enough. [![Strymon Brigadier](https://images.reverb.... 
07/31/21 $165.00  JHS Panther Cub Delay V1.5
Analog Delay
USA In great condition, studio use only. Have the box and case candy. [![JHS Panther Cub](... 
07/31/21 $117.33  Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive
vintage tubescreamer 808 type
Canada Awesome overdrive in the Tube screamer 808 family.Minty, box and suchVoodoo Lab Sparkle... 
07/31/21 $340.00  Strymon Iridium
Amp & cab modeler
USA For sale is my Strymon Iridium. I bought it as an Open Box item from Sweetwater in Apri... 
07/31/21 $150.86  MXR MXR M83 Bass Chorus Deluxe
Bass Chorus/Flanger
Canada I sell my bass chorus pedal Mxr M83 Bass chorus Deluxe in very good condition. [![MXR ... 
07/31/21 $95.00  Fulltone OCDv2
overdrive distortion
USA OCD in excellent condition. This pedal has become the industry standard. It sounds fant... 
07/31/21 $300.00  Boss ES-5 Effects Switching System
USA Take your pedal board to the next level. Used never giged boss es5 effects switching sy... 
07/31/21 $95.00  Carl Martin Surf Trem
50s Fenderish style tremolo
USA Seller does not accept offers on this item. [![Carl Martin Surf Trem](https://images.r... 
07/31/21 $45.00  MXR Dyna Comp
Compressor and Sustainer
USA Seller does not accept offers on this item. [![MXR Dyna Comp]( 
07/31/21 $234.67  Jam Pedals WaterFall
Canada I sell my chorus JAM pedal Waterfall. The pedal is in good condition.I don’t have the ... 
07/31/21 $43.00  Mooer Black Secret
Vintage/Turbo RAT clone
USA Seller does not accept offers on this item.  [![Mooer Black Secret](https://image... 
07/31/21 $289.80  Strymon El Capistan
UK Here is a fantastic second hand Strymon El Capistan Tape Echo Effects Pedal. Made in th... 
07/31/21 $110.00  Zvex Mastotron
USA Versatile gnarly fuzz. [![Zvex Mastotron]( 
07/31/21 $130.00  MXR M222 Talkbox
USA Unit will come in original box with cleaned tube. Tube will have no signs of use as use... 
07/31/21 $165.00  Darkglass Electronics B3K Microtubes (V2)
Bass Overdrive
USA Great overdrive but just not for me [![Darkglass Electronics B3K](https://images.rev... 
07/31/21 $195.00  Digitech Whammy 4
USA The legendary Whammy™It's been a decade since the Whammy™ was introduced and now it has... 
07/31/21 $241.53  Marshall ShredMaster
EU Marshall Shred Master MK1 made in England in amazing condition with original box and pa... 
07/31/21 $65.00  Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer
USA Like new no scratches no nothing [![Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer]( 
07/31/21 $97.85  Boss SYB-5 Bass Synthesizer
Bass Synthesizer
EU 1 anno di garanzia [![Boss Syb 5 Bass Synthesizer]( 
07/31/21 $85.00  TC Electronic Sub'N'Up Octaver
Polyphonic Octave Pedal with Monophonic Octaver
USA Great pedal in great shape! [![TC Electronic Sub N' Up Octaver]( 
07/31/21 $85.46  Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive
EU 1anno di garanzia Con scatola [![Boss Odb3 Bass Overdrive]( 
07/31/21 $195.00  Digitech Whammy 4
USA Digitech Whammy 4. Comes with original box and brand new 9VAC power supply. Do not u... 
07/31/21 $116.50  Boss BCB-60 Pedal Board
Pedalboard with Built-In 9V/1A Power Supply
UK In very good condition, comes with the 9v power supply, a 9v daisy chain, 7 L-L cables ... 
07/31/21 $111.47  Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail
Reverb pedal
EU Excellent condition! Comes with box. [![Electro-Harmonix Holy Grail](https://images.r... 
07/31/21 $70.00  TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster
Boost pedal
USA Great boost pedal. It even does a really good overdrive sound in the Fat and Mid settin... 
07/31/21 $209.52  Dawner Prince Electronics Red Rox
Red Rox is a 'hot rod' in distortion pedals
Canada Perfect condition [![Dawner Prince Electronics Red Rox]( 
07/31/21 $314.29  Dawner Prince Electronics Boonar
Multi-Head Drum Echo
Canada Perfect condition [![Dawner Prince Electronics Boonar]( 
07/31/21 $125.00  Boss RC-3 Loop Station
Stereo looper pedal with 99 memory slots and rhythm patterns
USA Gently used / never taken out of home / moving sale [![Boss RC-3 Loop Station](https:/... 
07/31/21 $60.69  Morley Mini Wah Volume
EU 1 anno garanzia [![Morley Mini Wah Volume]( 
07/31/21 $293.33  Strymon Flint
Tremolo & Reverb
Canada Perfect condition [![Strymon Flint]( 
07/31/21 $419.05  Strymon NightSky
Time-Warped Reverberator
Canada Perfect condition [![Strymon Night Sky]( 
07/31/21 $65.00  TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster
Boost pedal
USA Used TC Electronics Spark Booster in excellent condition. [![TC Electronic Spark Boost... 
07/31/21 $174.75  MXR M134 Stereo Chorus
UK MXR M137 Stereo Chorus Classic analogue stereo chorus A nice feature is the low ... 
07/31/21 $380.00  Eventide Space
Halls, Rooms, Plates from the Eventide flagship rack processors.
USA Has less than 10 minutes of play time. I love reverb and this is an amazing pedal, I ju... 
07/31/21 $628.57  Chase Bliss Audio Blooper
Canada Perfect condition [![Chase Bliss Audio Blooper]( 
07/31/21 $95.00  MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
Effects Pedal
USA This pedal looks great and functions as it should. It has Hook tape on the bottom so it... 
07/31/21 $86.70  Ibanez DE-7 Delay/Echo
EU Pedale de plus en plus rare et recherchée pour sa position écho qui est magique. La fo... 
07/31/21 $152.91  TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper
Highly Intuitive Looper Pedal with Dedicated Stop Button and Loop Effects
UK Barely used.Perfect working order . [![TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper](https://images.r... 
07/31/21 $35.00  Morley Morley ABY 2-Button ABY Signal Switcher
ABY Signal Switcher
USA Gently used / never taken out of the house / moving sale. Price obo [![Morley ABY Sw... 
07/31/21 $161.02  Moen GEC8 Jr
EU Trés bon état, fonctionne parfaitement, envoie rapide et soigné 189 meilleur prix de ve... 
07/31/21 $422.32  Pladask Elektrisk matrise
matrix mixer by pladask
UK Matrise [![Pladask Elektrisk Matrise]( 
07/31/21 $50.00  Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer
USA Used Boss CS-3 Compressor/Sustainer in very good condition. Works great [![Boss CS-3 C... 
07/31/21 $55.00  Pigtronix Bass FAT Drive
Bass Overdrive
USA Pigtronix Fat Drive pedal in mint condition. Comes with original power supply. [![Pigt... 
07/31/21 $70.00  JHS 3 Series Delay
Rich and warm or clear and pristine echoes
USA Bought new a couple months ago. Just got a UA Starlight so I no longer need this one. ... 
07/31/21 $70.00  JHS 3 Series Compressor
Compression pedal
USA JHS 3 Series Compressor. Bought new a couple months ago. Replaced with a JHS Pulp n P... 
07/31/21 $180.00  Fender Tre-Verb
Digital Reverb/Tremolo
USA Great reverb and tremolo pedal. Lots of options. Velcro on bottom of pedal [![Fender... 
07/31/21 $159.24  Mi Audio Super Crunch Box v2
Distortion with loads of options
Canada MI Audio Super Crunch Box V2 in mint cosmetic conditions in box this pedal is ha... 
07/31/21 $70.00  JHS 3 Series Overdrive
USA Mint JHS 3 Series Overdrive. Just got a JHS Bonsai so I no longer need this. [![JHS 3 ... 
07/31/21 $74.32  Ibanez Soundtank CS5 Super Chorus
EU Very nice analogic vintage chorus ! [![Ibanez Soundtank CS5 Super Chorus](https://imag... 
07/31/21 $120.00  Fulltone Supa-Trem2
Stereo Tremolo / Auto-Panner
USA Used Fulltone Supa-Trem ST-1Used but in great cosmetic condition ... has a few blemishe... 
07/31/21 $131.26  Xotic SP Compressor
Australia The new Xotic SP Compressor offers the same OTA (operational transconductance amplifier... 
07/31/21 $270.24  Meris Enzo
Australia In great condition Enzo. A few light scratches on the base plate and a small nick on th... 
07/31/21 $80.51  Mooer E-Lady
EU We all know what this is. A perfect recreation of the legendary Electro Harmonix Electr... 
07/31/21 $123.78  Boss BCB-60 Pedal Board
Pedalboard with Built-In 9V/1A Power Supply
UK Boss BCB 60 Pedal board and power supply. Comes supplied in original box with power sup... 
07/31/21 $147.39  Electro-Harmonix 44 Magnum
44 watt power amp
EU Shipping worldwide available. [![Electro-Harmonix 44 Magnum]( 
07/31/21 $65.00  TC Electronic Mimiq Mini Doubler
Compact Double Tracking
USA Mint condition Mimiq Mini doubler. Can be used to thicken up a tone as a doubler or to... 
07/31/21 $60.00  Electro-Harmonix Tone Corset
Analog compressor
USA This pedal is in great shape but does not have any box or paperwork.  The Electro-... 
07/31/21 $175.00  Electro-Harmonix C9
Organ machine
USA This pedal is in excellent shape but does have not have any box or paperwork.  The... 
07/31/21 $275.23  Ibanez PT-909 Phase Tone
4-Stage Phase Shifter
UK Ibanez PT-909 Phase Tone Analog Phaser Pedal Vintage JapanSuperb analog tone! A classic... 
07/31/21 $138.21  Maxon OD-808X Overdrive Extreme
Modified version of OD808 Overdrive
Australia Early version Maxon OD808 in very good condition. Made in Japan. [![Maxon OD808 Overd... 
07/31/21 $167.47  Walrus Audio Messner
UK Great sounding low gain/transparent overdrive pedal. I don't have the original box but ... 
07/31/21 $43.69  Mooer Ninety Orange
UK Mint condition, never left the music roomSame Day Dispatch from Reliable Seller, please... 
07/31/21 $43.69  TC Electronic MojoMojo Overdrive
Overdrive Pedal with Extra Headroom
UK What TC Electronic say…Exceptional overdrive pedal offers you extra headroom, precise t... 
07/31/21 $116.50  Digitech Whammy 4
UK The infamous Digitech Whammy! Excellent condition and full working order. Never been gi... 
07/31/21 $48.31  Electro-Harmonix Pocket Metal Muff
EU Shipping worldwide available.  [![Electro-Harmonix Pocket Metal Muff](https://ima... 
07/31/21 $43.69  TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster
Boost pedal
UK This is a Spark mini boost pedal in very good cosmetic condition, and in full working ... 
07/31/21 $262.13  Horizon Devices Precision Drive
Overdrive with Noise Gate
UK The infamous and amazing Horizon Devices Precision Drive guitar overdrive. If you're re... 

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