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09/17/18 Belleville Red Panda Particle
digital delay/pitch shifting pedal
EU €247,00  Like new, perfect condition! shipping (tracked): Germany 7€ Europe 15€ I accept...  View
09/16/18 hadj Chase Bliss Audio Thermae
Analog Pitch-Shifting Harmonizing Delay
EU £430.00  Mint condition, as new with original box and manual. Let me know if you want some pictu...  View
09/16/18 hadj Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall Red Knob Mod
EU £430.00  As new mint condition with box and manual. Happy to email some picture if you're intere...  View
09/03/18 MemoryScale Keeley Gold Star Reverb
Compressed, Distorted and Flanged Reverb
EU €150,00  The overall condition of this *Keeley Gold Star Reverb* is *like new*. ###technical ...  View
08/31/18 jeanclaudevanlee Electro-Harmonix 2880
Multi-Track Looping Recorder
EU €190,00  ELECTRO HARMONIX 2880 together with dedicated FOOT CONTROLLER. The card slot is broken ...  View
08/31/18 jeanclaudevanlee Boss LS-2
Line Selector
EU €50,00  Boss LS-2 comes in original box. Very little used, shipping within EU is 10 EUR. Please...  View
08/31/18 jeanclaudevanlee Boss PS-5
Super Shifter
EU €90,00  Fully working original BOSS Super Shifter PS-5 Shipping within EU with tracking is 1...  View
08/31/18 jeanclaudevanlee Death By Audio Reverberation Machine
Digital Space Simulator
EU €200,00  The overall condition of this *Death By Audio Reverberation Machine is in very good sha...  View
08/23/18 mode_analogue TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper
EU €115,00  The overall condition of this *TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper* is *like new*. ###tech...  View
08/14/18 hawkfuzz Smallsound/Bigsound MINI
USA $120.00  Custom space finish Finish has seen better days on the sides but the top is fine. ...  View
07/30/18 yari Korg Monotron Delay
Lo-fi delay with LFO filter & internal synth voice
EU €43,00  The overall condition of this *Korg Monotron Delay* is *like new* ###shipping * I w...  View
07/30/18 yari Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer
Electric Guitar Effect Pedal
EU €53,00  The overall condition of this *Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer* is *like new* ###s...  View
07/30/18 yari Strymon Timeline
EU €370,00  The overall condition of this *Strymon Timeline* is *like new* ###shipping * I will...  View
07/10/18 musdj Strymon Blue Sky
EU €230,00  The overall condition of this *Strymon Blue Sky* is *like new* | *good* | *totally bust...  View
07/10/18 musdj Strymon Dig Dual Digital Delay
Digital Delay Effects Pedal
EU €250,00  good condition, like new will send from Russia shipping is not included  View
06/13/18 so_monochrome Strymon El Capistan
EU €250,00  The overall condition of this *Strymon El Capistan great ###technical condition ful...  View

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