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FS-7 HP Switch View
Level Set Buffer HP PreAmpUtility View
Dispatch Master HP DelayReverb View
Hermida Zendrive HP Distortion View
HT Dual HP Distortion View
Puzzlesounds 4 Channel Looper HP Looper View
Stomplab IG HP Multieffect View
Pickup booster HP PreAmpModeling/Simulation View
Pole Position HP SwitchUtility View
Octa-Switch MK3 HP ControllerSwitchUtility View
Soul Press HP UtilityControllerExpressionVolumeWah View
Foxx Tone Machine HP DistortionPitch Shifter View
ModVerb HP Reverb View
Gate HP UtilityNoise Gate View
Fuel Tank Jr HP Power View
G3 HP LooperModeling/SimulationMultieffectPreAmpSamplingUtility View

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