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Submitted Modules

Dirty little secret HP Distortion View
AD-10 HP Modeling/SimulationMultieffectEqualizer View
FV50-H HP Volume View
Shaker Mini Vibrato HP Rotary View
Spring tank HP Reverb View
Roctary HP Pitch Shifter Rotary View
Compressor plus HP Dynamics View
Greer amps Lightspeed HP Distortion View
Triple Switch HP Switch View
Morning Glory V4 HP DistortionPreAmp View
Katana mini boost HP PreAmpVolume View
Sweet cream HP Distortion View
IRig Hd 2 HP Utility View
IRig pro i/o HP Utility View
Radar HP Modeling/Simulation View
RP360 HP MultieffectDigitalModeling/Simulation View
Prism HP PreAmp View
Crazy Tube Circuits Constellation HP View
Crazy Tube Circuits Falcon HP Distortion View
Victory The Sheriff V4 preamp HP Distortion View
Vertex Dynamic Distorsion HP Distortion View
Pickle vibe HP Rotary View
Deep blue delay HP Delay View
Binary EKO HP Delay View
XTomp mini HP Multieffect View
SOS HP Utility View
Archer clean HP PreAmp View
Lucy Dreamer supreme HP Distortion View
NMP 2 HP Utility View
Loop core deluxe HP Looper View
Rosette Accoustic Preamp DI HP Utility View
Little lehle 2 HP Switch View
Vertex TDrive HP Distortion View
Spd one wav HP DrumSampling View
String slinger HP Distortion View
Ec10m HP Drum View
Pettyjohn Chime HP Distortion View
Money Laundry HP Rotary View
VS Audio Vibler HP Chorus View
Twimble HP Distortion View
Vertigo HP Tremolo View
Royal Blue Overdrive HP Distortion View
Fire Red Fuzz HP Distortion View
Fat boost fb3 HP PreAmp View
Motor city drive HP DistortionTube View
Claksdale HP Distortion View
Super six Stevie mod HP PreAmp View
Beatbuddy footswich HP Utility View
Beatbuddy HP Utility View
Max HP PreAmp View
Mike HP View
Cybery HP Switch View
Bogner extasy red HP Distortion View
Dual fusion HP Distortion View
Le lead HP Tube View
Le clean HP Tube View
Dual blue delay HP Delay View
Ampli-firebox HP Modeling/Simulation View
Tap tempo switch HP Switch View
Element HP Multieffect View
Crazy tubes circuits Space charged HP Distortion View
Red remote HP Switch View
Beatbuddy mini HP Sampling View
mini vent 2 HP Rotary View
Micro power HP Power View
The A T HP Distortion View
D & M drive HP Distortion View
Little black amp HP Volume View
Trelicopter HP Tremolo View

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