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Submitted Modules

A+ Astronaut-2 HP Reverb View
A+ Buzz HP View
Pangaea cp-100 HP Modeling/Simulation View
Raxxla MK-II Chorus HP Chorus View
PXL8 HP ControllerSwitchUtility View
Olympic mk2 HP Bass View
Clone HP Chorus View
Olympic mk 3 HP Bass View
mr. Blend HP BassLooper View
Analogworm Triangle HP BassChorus View
Stomp Under Foot Red Menace HP BassDistortion View
Walker A&E Black Guts HP BassPitch Shifter Synth Voice View
DUT BEARDY Outlaw HP BassDistortion View
DUT BEARDY Sweaterman HP Distortion View
Eye See '78 HP Distortion View
Shift-Line Beta HP BassDistortion View
Mosquite Blender with BJF Buffer HP Bass View
PXL4 HP View
Walker A&E King Bee MKII HP View
Box of war HP BassDistortionReverb View
Sonuus Wahoo HP BassVolumeWah View

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DUT BEARDY Sweaterman (5)
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