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grenadier expander Eurorack
modified Dec 29th 2020, 00:19
My rowdy Eurorack Eurorack
modified Dec 24th 2020, 15:37
lw Serge
modified Tuesday January 12, 13:13
ciat expansion Frac
modified Dec 17th 2020, 23:29
ben2 Eurorack
modified Dec 17th 2020, 23:29
rs Serge
modified Dec 26th 2020, 08:44
noise toys cybernetic adjunct Eurorack
modified Nov 26th 2020, 18:26
noise toys Pedals
modified Dec 12th 2020, 21:23
ultimate rack of the future Eurorack
modified Dec 11th 2020, 11:45
status quo (on the floor) Pedals
modified Dec 12th 2020, 23:12

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Submitted Modules

Ringworm HP Ring Modulator View
DC Mix 1 HP Mixer View
Quadrature Sine 1 HP LFOOscillator View
Multiplier 1 HP PolarizerRing ModulatorVCA View
Trogotronic 657 Mini Mutant HP DistortionSynth Voice View
Metasonix TM-1 HP DistortionRing ModulatorTube View
RK7 8 HP OscillatorTube View
Voltron 2 17 HP Envelope GeneratorFilterLFOMixerSample and HoldSlew LimiterVCA View
Dual PCO/Peak and Trough 4 HP CV ModulationDual/StereoLFOOscillator View
Touch Activated Keyboard Sequencer 17 HP ControllerSequencer View
Fuzzrite HP Distortion View
SY03 12 HP FilterVCA View

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