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DD Drum Machine 126HP versionEurorackPrivate
Sing to me - single modulesSergePrivate
Serge 1 - thinking things through (copy)SergePrivate
Sing to meSergePrivate
Junq R*S Nov 2022Eurorack
Benge Serge Modular (1972 Paperface)SergePrivate
Phisynth's Serge set up, 2020 ishSergePrivate
DIY: R*S La Bestia IISergePrivate
Prism DIY Shop Panel: PileusSergePrivate
Prism DIY Shop Panel: EndophyteSergePrivate
Prism DIY Shop Panel: HymeniumSergePrivate
Prism DIY Shop Panel: CystidiumSergePrivate
Prism DIY Shop Panel: CaespitoseSergePrivate
Prism DIY Shop Panel: ApiculusSergePrivate
Prism DIY PomonaSergePrivate
Prism DIY CanvasSergePrivate
Prism DIY QuasarSergePrivate
Prism vs 73-75 Homebuilt #2Serge
Prism vs 73-75 PresetSerge
Prism vs 73-75 ControlSerge
Prism vs 73-75 VoiceSerge
vs thc.synth proposalSergePrivate
thc.synth "Is this the best system in the world? Yes, yes it is"SergePrivate
Prism vs 73-75 Homebuilt #1Serge
Rastko's "Rastko And His Serge" system.SergePrivate
Serge 1 - thinking things throughSergePrivate
SOAR Buchla Skylab (copied from bencarey)Buchla
Kameruka Serge (copied from Ben Carey)Serge
DD Performance Rig - Current set up (copy)EurorackPrivate
MDLR: Eurorack case 14U/126HP Performer Series ProEurorackPrivate
7u "performance" case july 2019 (copied from InterPhase)EurorackPrivate
Noise Engineering - Spring 2017 set up?EurorackPrivate
DD Performance Rig - Current set upEurorackPrivate
Noise Engineering - EOY 2017 set up ???EurorackPrivate
My unclimbed 500 Series500 SeriesPrivate
Stuff I wantEurorackPrivate

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