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03/02/21 €1.900,00  Buchla Model 208
tolpe EU Hi, selling the REV1 version, in a boat with two converters (banana/jack/minijack) and...  View
02/19/21 €450,00  Buchla 292h Dual Lowpass Gate
JPald EU Bought new from Schneidersladen on 10/03/2020. Works perfectly and looks mint. No rack ...  View
02/16/21 €1.850,00  Buchla Model 248
Clone of the Multiple Arbitrary Function Generator Model 248 by Roman Filipov
440adcd EU For sale 248r, mint condition. I'm selling most of my 200r system. https://cp.sync.c...  View
02/02/21 €1.420,00  Buchla Model 225e
Notabene78 EU Buchla USA, not BEMI. The overall condition of this *Buchla Model 225e* is *like new* ...  View
01/28/21 €1.600,00  Buchla Model 246
Sequential Voltage Source Model 246
440adcd EU For sale 246r. I'm open to trades or offers. Panel has urethane coating so it is slight...  View
01/24/21 €900,00  Vedic Scapes Blacet Research Time Machine Model 2050
Blacet Research Time Machine Model 2050 In Buchla Format
440adcd EU Buchla type time machine TM2050 MK II, this is DIY version, not official VedicScapes bu...  View
01/23/21 €750,00  Buchla Model 207
mixer / preamplifier model 207
akudem EU The overall condition of this *Buchla Model 207* is *like new* ###technical conditi...  View
01/11/21 €700,00  Buchla Model 292 B
Quad Lopass Gate Model 292
440adcd EU For sale 292b, built from EMstore panel and pcb, with closely matched excellitas vactro...  View
01/05/21 €750,00  Buchla Model 258
Dual Oscillator
440adcd EU Buchla type clone 258r v1, fully working in very good condition. It uses pA726 in expo ...  View
12/23/20 €350,00  Northern Light Modular CV Polymorpher - Model hOC
Ornaments and Crime for 4U h series
440adcd EU Model hOC + hVC + h bracket DIY set = not build! includes banana sockets for both mod...  View
12/23/20 €750,00  Verbos Electronics 258v
dual oscillator
440adcd EU Model 258V, fully working in good/fair condition. I'm open to trades or offers. ...  View
12/23/20 €180,00  Buchla Model 245
Sequential Voltage Source
440adcd EU Model 245 DIY PCB +includes switches and illuminated pushbuttons this is offer f...  View
12/23/20 €200,00  Buchla Model 205
Matrix Mixer
440adcd EU Model 205 DIY partial kit Not assembled includes: • panel + PCB from electricmus...  View

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