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04/22/19 lasesentaysiete LA 67 158a
Dual Sine Sawtooth Generator Model 158a clone.
EU €525,00  The overall condition of this *LA 67 158a* is *like new* ###technical condition * ...  View
04/22/19 440adcd Vedic Scapes Metatron Generator Model 618
EU €150,00  For sale unbuild Metatron diy kit - buchla panel + benjolin pcb. Open to trade for ...  View
04/15/19 lasesentaysiete LA 67 112a
Touch Controlled Voltage Source Model 112a clone.
EU €800,00  The overall condition of this *LA 67 112a* is *like new* ###technical condition * ...  View
04/09/19 JPald Buchla Model 266r
Clone of the Source Of Uncertainty by Roman Filipov
EU €600,00  The overall condition of this Buchla Model 266r is good! Shipping not included in th...  View
03/24/19 akudem Buchla Model 292c
Quad Lopass Gate Model 292c
EU €650,00  Feshly built Roman 292C v3 clone. Carefully matched xvive vactrols. Works like a ...  View

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