Modified Price Name Seller Region Description
07/29/21 €850,00  Vedic Scapes 13700
Vedic Scapes multimode filter13700
440adcd EU For sale VedicScapes 13700 filter MKII version. It was built from DIY kit using high qu... 
07/29/21 €900,00  Vedic Scapes Blacet Research Time Machine Model 2050
Blacet Research Time Machine Model 2050 In Buchla Format
440adcd EU Buchla type time machine TM2050 MK II, this is DIY version, not official VedicScapes bu... 
07/29/21 €750,00  Buchla Model 292 B
Quad Lopass Gate Model 292
440adcd EU For sale 292b, built from EMstore panel and pcb, with closely matched excellitas vactro... 
07/29/21 €750,00  Buchla Model 258
Dual Oscillator
440adcd EU Buchla type clone 258r v1, in very good condition. It uses pA726 boards in expo convert... 
07/29/21 €1.600,00  Buchla Model 246
Sequential Voltage Source Model 246
440adcd EU For sale 246r. Panel has urethane coating so it is slightly yellow/gold. Will be shippe... 
07/15/21 €900,00  Northern Light Modular Spectral Resonator - Model 2SR
Buchla adaption of the 4MS SMR
easyskywalker EU For sale: NLM 2SR. In perfect shape, including two banana>tinyjax cables for pinging th... 

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