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05/18/22 €600,00  Buchla Music Easel iProgram Card
patch editing, patch/librarian management, real-time performance from an iPad via the iProgram Card App
Marijus EU The overall condition of this *Buchla Music Easel iProgram Card* is *like new* ###t... 
05/06/22 €300,00  Vedic Scapes Vedic Scapes - Model 45
Dual Wave Multipliers and Resonant EQ
440adcd EU M45 set panel + pcb + other parts these are DIY parts- not finished module! please ... 
05/06/22 €300,00  Buchla Model 204
Quad Spatial Director
440adcd EU 204r DIY set panel + pcb + joysticks + few parts these are DIY parts- not finished mod... 
04/30/22 €590,00  1979 Dual Algorithmic Oscillator (DAO)
Buchla format adaptation of Braids by Mutable Instruments
solenine EU MUCHLA DUAL DIGITAL OSCILLATOR (double Braids in Buchla fomat) Brand new, never racked 
04/20/22 €780,00  Other/unknown 258r
440adcd EU 258r v1 with pa726 replacements and other parts as close as possible to original. Pleas... 
04/20/22 €880,00  Other/unknown MUC-810
MIDI Universal Converter (MUC) in Buchla format
440adcd EU MUC-810 for sale, perfect working order, minor visual defects. Modules for sale are:... 
04/20/22 €780,00  Buchla Model 292 B
Quad Lopass Gate Model 292
440adcd EU EMS 292b with matched Excelitas vactrols (out of batch of 50). Panel has slight gold/ye... 
04/15/22 €1.200,00  Vedic Scapes Soundscape Processor/Generator
Triple filters
svenallan EU Selling a Vedic Scapes Soundscape Processor/Generator in good condition. Now also op... 
04/06/22 €1.900,00  Keen Association 268e Graphic Waveform Generator
4 oscillator, dual algorithms (currently), virtual tape logger
fablesofsilence EU The overall condition of this *Keen Association 268e Graphic Waveform Generator* is *li... 

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