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Submitted Modules

TTMC Model 158 White panel 14 HP View
Dual Sine Sawtooth Generator Model 158 White panel 14 HP Dual/StereoOscillator View
Dual Sine Sawtooth Generator 158 Card 2 HP Dual/StereoOscillator View
Sharp Cutoff Filter MODEL 191 28 HP FilterWaveshaper View
Dual Envelope Detector MODEL 130 14 HP Dual/StereoEnvelope GeneratorEnvelope Follower View
Dual Reverberator MODEL 990 14 HP Dual/StereoEffectEqualizerReverb View
Frequency Shifter MODEL 185 14 HP EffectFrequency DividerPhase ShifterPitch Shifter Ring Modulator View
Dual Sine Sawtooth Generator Model 158 14 HP OscillatorDual/Stereo View
Equalizer Line Driver MODEL 175 14 HP Dual/StereoEqualizerFilter View
Dual Integrator Model 155 14 HP Dual/StereoSlew LimiterUtility View
Touch Controlled Voltage Source MODEL 112 28 HP ControllerSequencerUtility View
Dual Sine Sawtooth Generator Model 158 REV2.0 14 HP Dual/StereoOscillator View
Random Voltage Source MODEL E 14 HP Random View
Dual Lopass Filter MODEL 192 14 HP Dual/StereoFilter View
Dual Attack Generator Model 180 14 HP Envelope GeneratorDual/Stereo View
Sequential Voltage Source MODEL 123 28 HP Clock GeneratorSequencer View
Dual Square Wave Generator Model 144 14 HP Dual/StereoOscillator View
Timing Pulse Generator MODEL 140 14 HP Clock Generator View
Dual Ring Modulator MODEL 111 14 HP Ring Modulator View
Six Channel Mixer Model 106 14 HP Dual/StereoMixer View
Dual Preamplifier MODEL 171 4 HP Dual/StereoPreAmpWaveshaper View
Dual Control Voltage Processor Model 156 14 HP AttenuatorMixerDual/Stereo View
Dual Voltage Controlled Gate Model 110 14 HP Dual/StereoVCA View
Mute Man 8 HP MixerSwitchUtility View
Monitor 1 14 HP Video View

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