1 U
Current Draw
? mA +15V
? mA -15V

This Module is discontinued.

Analog Switch

4-Channel Sequential

Announcing Ken Stone's new 4-Channel Sequential Analog Switch - a versatile timing and routing controller.

Up to 4 fluctuating analog input signals pass sequentially in a one-way direction through the module, and out to a single jack.

By intercepting the control voltage path between a Milton Sequencer and an Oscillator for example, the Analog Switch module can route the four 16-note sequences into either a 32 knob, or even longer 64 note tune!

This is accomplished by connecting the four A, B, C, D rows of knob outputs of the sequencer, to the four inputs of the Analog Switch. Each time the sequencer reaches the last note in a row, it sends a reset pulse to route the Analog Switch along to the next row's input.

Not just for sequencers, try using the 4-Channel Sequential Analog Switch in conjunction with Burst Generators, Reset LFOs, and Gated Comparators for lots of wonderful auto-compositional fun!

Interesting modulations can be explored when the module is switched at high speed by an LFO or an oscillator. Hooking the Analog Switch to a keyboard can be a useful way to mimic the see-sawing of string or bowed instruments, or to add a little vibrato to every third, or fourth note - so they each can sound a little different!

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