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Good Traders on the Marketplace nice transaction with @batudal on his qmi2 vermona module. … by mbas01 in ModularGrid
for mutable public viewing is assisted off-rack by: •Korg SQ-1 •MFB Microzwerg •S… by bgomberg in Racks
New rack idea - drums plus ambient synth ![Patch](… by SynthWurst in Racks

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The ModularGrid Marketplace is an area where private persons can trade their used modules.

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News from the Labs

  • PMFoundations Micro VCO PMFoundations  Mar 21st, 15:34
    Save space and money! Ultra compact 4HP VCO/LFO. 
  • Møffenzeef Mødular Muskrat Møffenzeef Mødular  Mar 21st, 07:27
    Muskrat now in stock. Check our website for authorized dealers! 
  • Befaco Chopping Kinky Befaco  Mar 17th, 17:53
    People of modulargrid: the Kinky is here! Dual wavefolder with a Kinky twist! Chop out and the possibility to go from silence, to unitary gain to full folding!  
  • Feedback TWO59 VCO Feedback  Mar 10th, 14:28
    The TWO59 is an accurate recreation in EURORACK format of the VCO/LFO section of the most sought after vintage west coast complex oscillator. Because of the triangle core, the VCO's work very well for FM modulation.  
  •  Mar 9th, 15:42
    Check out the new Q173 Gate Math module And the Q179 Envelope++ module: 
  • Copper Traces Seek Copper Traces  Mar 8th, 19:44
    Copper Traces is excited to announce the release of our first module! Seek is a compact 64 step CV/Gate sequencer in 12HP. It is currently available from multiple retailers in the USA including Control, Analogue Haven and Perfect Circuit Audio. 
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