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So much for that "limited edition"! Wow! I am not usually up for these Behringer clones, but… by Kel_ in Modular Discussions
Eliane Radigue (B) ARP 2500 Well, if the goal is to replicate an ARP 2500, yeah, much … by musiqueconcretelover in Racks
dixie II fm modulation dixie II fm1 modulation provided by I-o47 and fm2 modulated… by mog00 in You

News from the Labs

  • Visible Signals Quarterizer Visible Signals  Friday October 23, 18:11
    Inspired by the Sandin IP Amplitude Classifier, the Quarterizer switches between four inputs based on a CV signal. In a video modular it can be used as a complex video signal manipulator or a hard keyer with four independent inputs. It can also act as a CV waveshaper, 4-channel sequencer or 4-preset manual controller. Available for discounted pre-order until November 1st, 2020. 
  • Qu-Bit Electronix Data Bender Qu-Bit Electronix  Friday October 23, 15:44
    Data Bender: A circuit bent digital audio buffer is shipping worldwide today! 
  • Ritual Electronics Guillotine Ritual Electronics  Thursday October 22, 19:57
    Guillotine demo video is up on YouTube 
  • Reverse Landfill Monotropa II Reverse Landfill  Thursday October 22, 12:32
    new expanded version of the Monotropa feedback distortion, now available! 
  • LA 67 MACA Filter LA 67  Wednesday October 21, 19:24
    MACA is a 4-pole multimode filter based on the SSI2140 (SSM2040) integrated circuit. Besides the obligatory 4-pole low pass, MACA adds both 2-pole low pass and 4-pole band pass outputs. There is also a input level control that allows you to easily overdrive the filter core.  
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Fold 6 Joranalogue Audio Design  Oct 20th, 12:34
    Fold 6 is here! Our latest Eurorack release combines both series and parallel flavours of wavefolding and adds voltage controlled overdrive on top, packing all your waveform mangling needs in just 4 HP. In stock at a dealer near you now. And as ever, the Baron of Beats Mr. Ben 'DivKid' Wilson is here to tell you everything about it: 
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