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Popular Modules in racks

  1. Oscillator 01A in 43 Racks
  2. 4VCA 31A in 20 Racks
  3. Noise SH Ring 07A in 16 Racks
  4. Dual Mix 27A in 16 Racks
  5. Envelope Gen 04A in 15 Racks
  6. Phase Timbre Mod 06A in 15 Racks
  7. Analog Switch in 14 Racks
  8. VC Dual ADSR 47A in 12 Racks
  9. Multimode 10A in 12 Racks
  10. Dual LFO 05A in 12 Racks
  11. Panel Single Blank in 11 Racks
  12. Dual Sawtooth Animator in 11 Racks
  13. Zeroscillator in 10 Racks
  14. VCA Panner 21A in 10 Racks
  15. VCDO 58A in 9 Racks
  16. Dual X-Fade 16A in 9 Racks
  17. Dual ADSR in 9 Racks
  18. Interface 25A in 9 Racks
  19. Mix Lag 18A in 9 Racks
  20. 904a Lowpass 44A in 9 Racks
  21. Sequencer 17A in 9 Racks
  22. XY Controller 32A in 9 Racks
  23. Quantizer 55A in 8 Racks
  24. Spring Reverb 35A in 7 Racks
  25. Mini Wave 22A in 7 Racks

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