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Send/Return Interface

The Anything Module is a send/return type interface that turns all your effect boxes, stomp boxes, and processors into synthesizer modules.

Want to process your oscillator cluster through that vintage Ibanez fuzz? Or maybe you want to hear what a reverberated transient sounds like controlling your Modcan VCF. Need a fixed filter bank? Just patch-in that equalizer you've got laying around. The possibilities are obviously endless.

Modular synthesizer voltage levels can reach 30Vpp at clipping. In contrast, a guitar stomp box is made to handle about 0.2Vpp - over 40db difference! Until now, it was difficult to marry these two worlds. The Anything Module takes care of this for you by attenuating the synthesizer down to "consumer" levels on the way out, and amplifying the external effect back up to "modular" levels on the way back. Low-noise amplifiers are used throughout in true variable-gain configuration. This means you hear your effect, not the noise of the recovery amp.

You get adjustable send and return controls with red/green LEDs showing you proper recovery level so you get it right. The Anything Module features a mono section and separate stereo section. You can process your old Univox tape echo and a Midiverb (in stereo) at the same time. You can also use the recovery sections alone to bring in things like tape decks and CD players. This changes everything... um, I mean anything!


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