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This Module is discontinued.

Burst Generator

Ken Stone's enormously versatile and creative Burst Generator replies to a trigger input pulse - with a rotary switch selectable string of from one-to-nine pulses out. Bada, Bing! Bing! Bing! There's a choice between the adjustable internal clock or an external one, as well as logical outs representing when an "Event" is in progress, looping, or completed...

This can be used at slow speeds for example, to count the number of times a sequencer repeats before interrupting it's cycle, and then triggering another event to begin! Or the Burst Generator module can be used at pseudo audio frequencies for rasp and washboard effects.

When triggered by a keyboard, this versatile module can easily generate percussive Hammond Organ or woodwind type chiffs on each note played.

Lots of auto-compositional fun linking these together, or with the excellent Modcan 17A Sequencer or the Stone Gate Sequencers!


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