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This Module is discontinued.

Imitated but never equaled, these are the ultimate pair of Envelope Generators for Keyboard and MIDI applications.

Our New Very Limited Edition Mark III DUAL ADSR modules now feature independent Voltage Control of each channel, and the very latest combination illuminated Indicator/Pushbuttons from Japan - so not only do you get a bright visual indication of an event, but you can now initiate each directly from the front panel manually!

Based on a classic eMu Modular design, you'll find them handy for interfacing with a variety of system and external signals - as their Trigger and Gate signal inputs are quite sensitive to a variety of stimuli.

A surprise feature is the use of potentiometers with a switching mechanism allowing you to pull the knobs out a half-inch from the panel to switch in and out the following special features...

The Attack Knob also controls a LINK between the two envelope sections, and/or switchable routing of each envelope to elsewhere in your system (useful for example, in easily creating an internal system-wide bus using our Combo-Distro Cards to LINK the Trigger and Gate signals from your Keyboard or external Controller)!

The Decay Knob also controls an AD Envelope Mode (meaning a two-stage Attack & Decay type envelope only) This can be useful at times for getting tighter response to quick successive triggers in percussion type envelopes!

The Sustain Knob also controls SLOW Mode like a "high or low" gear shifter, this doubles the length of each channels other knob settings.

The Release Knob also controls a LOOP mode, where the envelope can recycle into a VOLTAGE CONTROLLED LFO or audio drone oscillator!


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