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? mA +15V
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Super Psycho LFO

Six DC-coupled LFOs

Born out of a quirky DC circuit designed to simulate the quasi random flickering of fluorescent lights in a miniature train layout was Ken Stone's original Psycho LFO...

This is now the "Super Improved" Expanded Mishmash of Colliding Frequencies!

Six LFO's in a DC coupled mix, create audio drones or crazy control voltages. Each module has knobs to radically change the overall feel or character of the module, a Lag knob for controlling just the level of psychosis that you desire, and features an exclusive Cynthia "Modulation" control voltage input for added energy!

Anytime something is sounding a bit too static - just like Tabasco Sauce - add a pinch of the super psycho to your mix!


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submitted Jan 5th 2017, 09:39 by Pozor

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