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? mA +15V
? mA -15V
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This Module is discontinued.

Voltage Controlled Tabla

Voltage Controlled Tabla

"We circuit-bent an East Indian beat box used for percussion in classical Indian Music by adding Voltage Control Functions and logical inputs and outputs so it can interface with the rest of your modules and make beautiful music together!

Two dozen classical rhythmic cycles of percussion or "Taals" can be selected either manually or by patch cord. (click on the keypad for a close-up)

For example as Ravi Shankar at the Monterey Pop Festival explains an "Ek" type of taal is a cycle of 12 beats divided 4,4,2,2 A faster Ek Taal would be based on only six units and thus become 2,2,1,1.

This Cynthiafied Tablatron uses digitally sampled recordings of real acoustic Tablas and allows you to voltage control the pitch, tone, and tempo, as well as use logic signals to cycle through dozens of taals.

A row of Gate Outputs and LEDs light to the rhythmic pulsings of temples from lands far away..."

from Matrix Synth

submitted Dec 11th 2018, 06:50 by hydrophilos

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