2 HP
Current Draw
50 mA +15V
200 mA -15V
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The CV Recorder 57A module provides a radical new approach to generating modulation and voltage control signals. The implications for this module are extensive when placed in a modular synthesizer context.

Concept:Combine the ability to record and playback control voltage signal events from standard modules with the tools to shape, mix, loop and time scale these performances in a simple and repeatable manner.

A brief list of possible uses for the CV Recorder:
* Create asymmetric LFO shapes from Joysticks or ribbon controller signals
* Control panning and VCA parameters for automated mixing
* Record long analogue step sequence patterns while changing the step voltages and recording the clock simultaneously for later sync operations
* Combine and chain together random voltage patterns with sequences and LFOs on 4 channels
* Record envelope shapes and loop them while adjusting the loop start and end points.
* Perform granular synthesis type effects on CVs using short loops and sweeping the loop points through the sample under voltage control.
* Record lo-fi audio samples and shift playback frequency in real-time.
* Plus many more

* 20Hz-20kHz Voltage controlled variable sample/playback rate with 1V per octave response
* 4 seconds of quad sampling @20kHz. Greater than 1 hour @20Hz
* Quad in/outs with 15 switch selectable channel recording configurations
* Record and playback simultaneously
* Rehearse mode for pre-recording experiments
* Chain multiple samples by recording with different loop points and sample rates.
* 3 loop modes: Forward, Reverse and Pendulum
* Panel and voltage controlled Loop start and End controls
* 3 Playback modes: One shot, Loop and Hold play
* Gate out provides short pulse at loop start
* Trigger input for triggering samples when not in loop mode
* Status Bi-LED indicates various record and playback states
* Channel LEDs indicate arming of channels for recording.
* 120MHz DSP processor and 4MB of parallel SRAM

* Sample rate : 20Hz-20kHz (10 Octaves)
* Recording Inputs: +/-5V Pk-Pk@100Kohms
* Outputs: +/-5V Pk-Pk@1 Kohms
* Other inputs 0-5V @100Kohms


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