Dual Slope Generator and VCA DIY

DIY project Circuit design is by Hex Inverter with panel available at synthCube, designed by Caleb Condit.

Galilean Moons is a dual amplitude transmutator. It transmutates the amplitude of incoming signals through the use of voltage controlled envelopes and VCAs. It is designed primarily to create voltage controlled percussive sounds when fed with a sound source (in particular, its sister module, Jupiter Storm), but can be used for all sorts of other tasks in your modular system as well as to generate typical synth sounds.
Galilean moons features two moons. Each moon is composed of a voltage controlled attack/decay envelope with its own dedicated low-distortion linear VCA. Each envelope can also act as attack/sustain/release or can go into LFO/automatic looping mode with the flick of a switch.
Galilean Moons can normalise its VCA inputs to a Jupiter Storm cosmic noise oscillator through a simple expansion cable at the back, but it can also function standalone in any modular system. Of course, the new Jupiter Storm noise output, “XOR”, which is activated by connecting a Galilean Moons to your Jupiter Storm, will not function when you use Galilean Moons alone in a system. This is the only feature which requires a Jupiter Storm to be connected.
The XOR noise output sounds similar to (but not exactly like) Jupiter Storm with the Noise Core Disruptor is engaged, even when it is not engaged. This allows you to get both flavours of noise from Jupiter Storm simultaneously, making it a lot more versatile.
The VCAs and voltage controlled envelopes can each be used on their own in your system when you don’t want to use them the way they are internally linked together. Plugging a signal into any of the respective jacks will break the internal connections and let you use the components on their own. You can use the linear, DC-coupled VCAs to control DC signals in your system when not using the module for its intended use, for example.


  • ? mA +15V
  • ? mA -15V
  • ? mA 5V

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