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Submitted Modules

CGS92 Smooth & Stepped Generator 2 HP Envelope FollowerEnvelope GeneratorOscillatorSample and Hold View
SympleSEQ Sequencer 1 HP Sequencer View
CGS85 Triple Wave Shaper 1 HP Waveshaper View
BMC030 Instrument Interface (1U) 1 HP Envelope FollowerPreAmpEnvelope Generator View
BMC018 Analog Drum 1 HP Drum View
Voltage Controlled Oscillator 1 HP Oscillator View
CGS60 Stomp Box Adapter 1 HP UtilityEffectExternal View
Multimix 1 HP Mixer View
CGS06 Burst Generator 1 HP Clock Generator View
Cat Girl Synthesizer CGS62 Slope Detector 1 HP LogicUtilityEnvelope Follower View
Barton Musical Circuits BMC034 Switched Resistor VCF 2 HP Filter View
ADSR/VCA 1 HP Envelope GeneratorVCA View
Classic VCA 1 HP VCA View
CGS36 Pulse Divider / Boolean Logic 2 HP Logic View
Minimoog VCF 2 HP Filter View
VC Panning Mixer W/Output Module 4 HP MixerPanning View
Discrete Ladder Filter 2 HP Filter View
Journeyman VCF 1 HP Filter View
"One of Three" VCO 2 HP Oscillator View
Deep Equinoxe 1 HP Phase Shifter View
Dual LFO 1 HP LFO View
Overdrive II 1 HP DistortionWaveshaper View
Voltage Controlled Oscillator 2 HP Oscillator View
Music From Outer Space 8 Stage Phase Shifter 1 HP EffectPhase Shifter View
System X ADSR 1 HP Envelope Generator View
Cat Girl Synth CGS01 Sub Oscillator / Harmonic Sequencer 2 HP CV ModulationFrequency DividerDual/StereoRing ModulatorSequencer View
CGS35 VCF 2 HP Filter View
CGS22 Master Divider 1 HP UtilityLogic View
CGS49 Dual Wasp Filter - v2 2 HP Filter View
CGS49 Dual Wasp Filter 2 HP Filter View
CGS114 Dual Universal Slope Generator 2 HP CV ModulationEnvelope GeneratorOscillator View
CGS01 Sub Oscillator / Harmonic Sequencer (1U) 1 HP SequencerFrequency DividerCV Modulation View
CGS88 Triple Bi-directional Switch 1 HP Switch View
Jeff Farr's Moogah SEM VCF 2 HP FilterMixer View
MFOS Voltage Controlled Echo 2 HP DelayEffect View
SympleSEQ Quad 4 HP Sequencer View
Leeloo Dallas Multipass 1 HP Multiple View
BMC030 Instrument Interface (2U) 2 HP Utility View
Patcher Jackson 2 HP Multiple View
TLN-156 Neural Agonizer 2 HP Reverb View
9710 VCA / Mixer 2 HP Envelope GeneratorMixerVCA View
Vanity Panel 1 HP Blind Panel View
Echolution 2 HP Delay View
CGS52 Simple Wave Folder 1 HP Waveshaper View
Serge Divide By N Comparator 1 HP ComparatorFrequency DividerFunction Generator View
SEM VCF 2 HP Filter View
The Postman Envelope Generator 2 HP Envelope Generator View
The Postman Envelope Generator (1U) 1 HP Envelope Generator View
Dual LFO 1 HP LFODual/Stereo View
PAiA 9720 Dual VCO / Modulator - MU Retrofit 4 HP CV ModulationOscillator View
Leeloo Dallas Multipass v2.1 1 HP AttenuatorMultiple View
PAiA 9730 VCF 2 HP Filter View
Syntherjack ClapSnap 2 HP DrumNoise View
Battery Acid CV 2 HP Distortion View
Jupiter Storm 2 HP NoiseOscillator View
PAiA 9700K MIDI2CV8 MU Retrofit 1 HP MIDI View