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Audio into CV ModularGrid by 14
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Starting off with modular synthesizers (for the average synthesist): a primer (of sorts) Modular Discussions by 5
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Affordable bare bones portable modular setup Modular Discussions by 22
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Prepackaged systems versus assemble your own? Modular Discussions by 22
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VCV versus the real thing: some thoughts Modular Discussions by 8
KICK ASS!!! for December 2018 Modules by 1
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Other/unknown 5x2 Switched Multiple Modules by 5
Feature Requestlast page ModularGrid by 213
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Beginner's Generative West Coast Performance Rack? Racks by 11
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Compact Generative Build ( new to Eurorack ) Racks by 7
1U Tiles Support ModularGrid by 7
How to deal with dubious traders? ModularGrid by 13
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Starting off a new bad habit Racks by 10
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Modules with 3.5mm TRS MIDI Jacks Modules by 6
Any advise? Racks by 4
External devices: what to do? ModularGrid by 2
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