12 fixed band-pass filters with -12dB/octave slopes, a low-pass filter and a high-pass filter with -24db/octave slopes

This is the extended version of Yusynth's Fixed Filter Bank built by Lower West Side Studio

The FFB Pro makes it possible to greatly enrich the sonic palette of a modular system. It is also a key element for the recreation of “natural” and environmental sounds, or of conventional music instruments. Although it evokes the principle of a mere graphic equalizer, it has marked differences. Mainly, the filter Q is higher and the BP slopes are steeper than in a graphic EQ. Furthermore when a control is set to zero, the corresponding spectral band is completely muted.

Complex/entangled rhythms can be created on the fly by multi-band filtering a simple sequence.

This module has twelve fixed band-pass filters with -12dB/octave slopes, a low-pass filter and a high-pass filter with -24db/octave slopes. All the filters are resonant with a Q coefficient around 3.7. The gain of each filter is adjustable from completely silent to maximum.

Two inputs (with different gain levels) are provided as well as three outputs: a main output with all filter cells mixed, an output with only odd cells and the third output with only even cells. These separate outputs make it possible to use the FFB for creating pseudo-stereo sounds (spatialization).

In addition the Pro edition of our Fixed Filter Bank offers independent outputs for each filter. This offers a wide range of creative options.


  • 70 mA +15V
  • 70 mA -15V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 60 mm deep

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