2 HP
45 mm deep
Current Draw
80 mA +15V
60 mA -15V
? mA 5V

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M401 Multimode Filter Resonator

Rework of classic ARP 1047 VCF

The ARP 2500 was made famous for sounds it created with its 1047 Voltage Controlled Filter. You can now add that rich, incredible sound to your MU modular synthesizer with the M401 Multimode Filter Resonator from Lower West Side Studio.

The M401 Multimode Filter Resonator is the Lower West Side Studio adaptation of the ARP 1047 filter. The 1047 filter is what gave the ARP 2500 its legendary sound. The M401 Multimode Filter Resonator features;

  • Simultaneous filter outputs including LowPass, Highpass, Bandpass and a Variable Frequency output

  • The Bandpass output has a gentle 6 decibels/octave slope on either side of its voltage-controllable “corner” frequency, making it ideal for replicating acoustic resonators. At the other extreme, it can be set to a very high “Q” or feedback, allowing only a very narrow band of frequencies to get through.

  • The filter can act as a percussion module with a dedicated input for a gate or trigger signals to “ring” its filter with adjustable decay.

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