1 HP
47 mm deep
Current Draw
? mA +15V
? mA -15V
? mA 5V

This Module is currently available.

Specs are approved by the manufacturer

Expansion Module for M710 Sequencer

Expand the capabilities of your Lower West Side Studio M710 Sequencer or Hexinverter.net SympleSEQ sequencer by adding the M712 Sequencer Sidecar companion module.

The M712 Sequencer Sidecar connects to either the M710 or SympleSEQ behind the panels via 2 patch cables (included). Eight 3-position switches and Output jacks allow you to select either a Gate, Trigger or no output from each step in the sequence.

GATE outputs from the M712 are high for the length of clock width offering secondary gating to the pulsed GATE output by the M710

The M712 also features an OR Output which will output either the GATE, TRIGGER or nothing from a single port based on your switch settings.

A CLOCK output is available to send either the M710 Sequencer (or SympleSEQ’s) internal clock or to pass-through an external clock which may be controlling the sequencer.

HOLD and RESET control voltage inputs allow further sequencer control.

Up to 4 M712 Sequencer Sidecars can be chained together with a single M710 Sequencer.

The M712 Sequencer Sidecar is compatible with all M710 Sequencers or any Hexinverter.net SympleSEQ sequencers containing expansion ports on the PCB. All SympleSEQ modules produced by Lower West Side Studio contain these ports. If you are not sure if your sequencer has these ports or would like them added then please Contact Us.


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