1 HP
45 mm deep
Current Draw
10 mA +15V
10 mA -15V
? mA 5V

This Module is currently available.

Splice, invert and pan between 2 inputs

The Stroh Dual Gene Splicer available from Lower West Side Studio takes 2 inputs and splices them together. It also provides an Inverted output of that signal. The input signals can be faded between using a control voltage.

Each 1MU wide module contains 2 Gene Splicers .

The Stroh Dual Gene Splicer is an excellent tool for alternating between two audio signals or for creating uniquely blended control voltages

The Dual Gene Splicer takes 2 signals, either audio or CV, splices them together, and sends this spliced signal through a single output.

An inverted output is also included.

The 2 input signals can be faded between using a CV input. An attenuator provides control over each CV input.


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Lower West Side Studio

These merchants probably sell this module. Huh?