Oakley's ADSR/VCA built by Lower West Side Studio

Described to me as “the best EG out there” by a large West Coast modular vendor (who doesn’t sell Oakley) the Oakley Modular Systems ADSR/EG packs an incredible punch into a single width module

Used as a combination EG/VCA this module doesn’t require patching of the EG output to the VCA input. The VCA can also be controlled through an external control voltage.

The envelope generator can be set to one of 3 modes;

NORM – the module behaves as a standard ADSR.
GATED – the output will loop only when gate is high. As soon as gate arrives the output will rise up at the attack speed and then decay at the decay time and repeat. If the gate is removed at any point the output will then fall at the release time.
LOOP – The module’s output it will loop continuously in AD mode. The Gate input has no effect in Loop mode.
This envelope generator is very fast. Response time has been found to be among the fastest among several vendors

The ADSR/VCA comes in a 1U width with 1″ (25.4mm) knobs controlling 4 potentiometers; Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release

2 toggle switches control Envelope operation (Normal, Gated Loop, Loop) and Speed

Envelope status is displayed by an LED

Inputs: Gate, VCA Signal

Outputs: ADSR envelope, VCA Signal

The module operates at +/- 15V and comes with a style power connector.

  • ? mA +15V
  • ? mA -15V
  • ? mA 5V
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