Classic VCA

2 channel mixer based on ARP's 4019 sub-module of the ARP2600P

Oakley's Classic VCA built by Lower West Side Studio

Based on the ARP4019 sub-module of the ARP2600P semi-modular synthesizer the Classic VCA by Oakley Modular Systems provides flexible two channel mixing and more.

Two signal inputs are provided, one DC coupled and the other AC coupled. The former allows audio and low frequency signals to be processed. While the latter has a high pass filter so that it can be only used to process alternating frequencies. Both inputs can be used simultaneously and each one features an input level control.

Two control voltage (CV) inputs are provided. CV1 is linear and is provided with a standard attenuator pot that can control the sensitivity of the input. CV2 can be operated in either exponential or linear mode.

CV2 features a reversible attenuator. When the pot is turned right of its central position, the pot acts as a normal attenuator; increasing the sensitivity of the CV input. Left of centre, the pot will act in inverting mode and the CV will be tipped upside down so that increasing positive voltages will decrease the gain of the VCA.

When no input jack is inserted into the CV1 input, the CV1 pot becomes a gain control. This allows the pot to be used as a simple volume control but when set high it also allows CV2 to turn the VCA off.

The 5U version of the Classic VCA has two outputs. OUT A is the standard output of the VCA. OUT B, gives you the difference signal between the sum of the two inputs and the final output of the VCA. This is a sort of anti-output; when the VCA output signal goes up in level this output goes lower. You can use it as a ring modulator (with gain pot set to max) or in conjunction with OUT A as a voltage controlled pan.

The Classic VCA comes in a 1U width with 1″ (25.4mm) knobs controlling 4 potentiometers; Input 1 Level, Input 2 Level, CV1 / Gain and CV2

A toggle switch controls the linear or exponential setting of CV2

The module operates at +/- 15V and comes with a style power connector.

NOTE: This VCA goes to 11

  • 35 mA +15V
  • 35 mA -15V
  • ? mA 5V

This Module is currently available.

1 HP VCAMixer
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