Deep Equinox

Classic 4 / 8 stage Phase Shifter with LFO

Oakley's 8 stage phase shifter built by Lower West Side Studio

The Deep Equinox phase shifter by Oakley Modular Systems is a classic four stage OTA based phaser which produces a wonderfully lush and smooth sound. An additional two or four stages can be added deepening the effect creating a very rich and animated sound.

The unit includes a useful internal low frequency oscillator with accompanying bicolour LED. The centre frequency of the phase shifter can also be controlled by an external control voltage. Thus allowing envelope generators to be used to sweep the phaser to create filter type effects. Four front panel pots are provided:

Frequency: this controls the frequency of the two notches created by the phase shift network.
Emphasis: this accentuates the feedback signal within the phaser to create a deeper effect.
Modulation: A simple attenuator to adjust the level of the internal LFO or incoming CV.
LFO rate: adjusts the speed of the LFO.
Additionally the Deep Equinox includes;

Norm/Deep: This two way toggle switch selects between the classic four stage Oakley Equinox mode and the Deep modes.
Six/Eight: This two way toggle switch selects between six stage or eight stage phasing when in Deep mode
The internal LFO produces a triangle wave output which is also available from a front panel socket, LFO OUT. This allows you to use the internal LFO for other modulation purposes. The LFO signal is automatically routed to the modulation depth pot when no jack is inserted in the CV IN socket. The module features toggle switch to select whether the LFO OUT signal is inverted or non inverted compared to the modulating signal.

The Deep Equinox comes in a 1U width with 1″ (25.4mm) knobs controlling 4 potentiometers.

The module operates at +/- 15V and comes with a style power connector.

  • 45 mA +15V
  • 45 mA -15V
  • ? mA 5V

This Module is currently available.

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