3 U
Current Draw
150 mA +15V
150 mA -15V
10 mA 5V
$850 Price in €

This Module is currently available.

two audio oscillators, an LFO, envelope generator and sample-and-hold

The Q169 Oscillator++ module combines two audio oscillators offering an amazing array of cross-modulation possibilities, along with an LFO, envelope generator and sample-and-hold functions - all gracefully organized on a triple-wide 5U panel.

Oscillator++ can be used as a dual oscillator in a traditional synth patch, as a stand-alone voice, as a pair of FM operators for additive synthesis, as independent functions, or as a complex modulation source. Go from tame to chaos with the turn of a knob.

Both audio oscillators are paired with a VC amplifier, and each can modulate the others pitch, pulse width and amplitude at the same time and in variable amounts. A cross-modulation extravaganza!

The Q169 is the equivalent of 10 modules and 20 patch cables arranged in a musically-useful and understandable way. Configurations you probably wouldn't patch naturally are easily accessible. Oscillator++ is complexity dignified.

The optional Q168 Aid module provides patch points for LFO waveforms, the envelope, noise, S&H and a multi-purpose invertable attenuator.


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