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Q106 Oscillator (VCO), Q109 Envelop Generator, Q108 Amplifier (VCA), Q124 Multiples and Q107 State Variable Filter (VCF) are among Synthesizers.coms most popular products.

News from the Labs

Tyler Texas USA

Q101 Power Control

Power Control

$52 MSRP
1 HP Power

Q102 Power Interface

AC Power Interface

$69 MSRP
1 HP Power

Q103 DC Power Interface

DC Power Interface

$40 MSRP
1 HP Power


MIDI Interface


Q105 Slew Limiter

Slew Limiter

$80 MSRP

Q106 Oscillator (VCO)


$225 MSRP

Q107 State Variable Filter (VCF)

State Variable Filter

$136 MSRP

Q108 Amplifier (VCA)


$97 MSRP

Q109 Envelop Generator

Envelope Generator

$92 MSRP

Q110 Noise Source

Noise Source

$65 MSRP
1 HP Noise

Q111 Pan/Fade


$105 MSRP

Q112 4-Channel Mixer

4-Channel Mixer

$81 MSRP
1 HP Mixer

Q113 8-Channel Mixer

8-Channel Mixer

$149 MSRP
2 HP Mixer

Q115 Spring Reverb


$136 MSRP

Q116 Ring Modulator

Ring Modulator

$105 MSRP

Q117 Sample and Hold

Sample and Hold

$92 MSRP

Q118 Instrument Interface

Instrument Interface

$92 MSRP

Q119 24-Stage Sequencer

24-Stage Sequencer

$560 MSRP

Q120 Connector Interface

Connector Interface

$69 MSRP

Q121 Banana Jack Interface

Banana Jack Interface

$69 MSRP

Q122 Mini Jack Interface

Mini Jack Interface

$69 MSRP

Q123 Standards

Standards (Voltage and Frequency)

$161 MSRP

Q124 Multiples


$58 MSRP

Q125 Signal Processor

Signal Processor

$80 MSRP

Q127 Fixed Filter Bank

Fixed Filter Bank

$315 MSRP

Q128 Switch


$80 MSRP

Q130 Clipper/Rectifier


$92 MSRP

Q131 Single Blank Panel

Single-Width Blank Panel

$12 MSRP

Q132 Double Blank Panel

Double-Width Blank Panel

$17 MSRP

Q133 Quad Blank Panel

Quad-Width Blank Panel

$23 MSRP

Q134 Octal Blank Panel

Octal-Width Blank Panel

$35 MSRP

Q137 Power Control and Interface

Power Control & Interface

$92 MSRP
1 HP Power

Q138 Logo Panel

Logo Panel

$12 MSRP

Q140 Fixed Filter Bank Aid

Fixed Filter Bank Aid

$69 MSRP

Q141 Oscillator Aid

Oscillator Aid

$58 MSRP

Q142 Pedal Interface

Pedal Interface

$80 MSRP

Q143 Presets


$109 MSRP

Q146 Normalization


$109 MSRP

Q147 Distributor


$92 MSRP
1 HP Mixer

Q149 Signal Selector

Signal Selector

$110 MSRP

Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter (VCF)

Transistor Ladder Filter

$189 MSRP

Q161 Oscillator Mixer for Q106

Oscillator Mixer for Q106

$98 MSRP

Q162 Filter Mixer for Q107

Filter Mixer for Q107

$98 MSRP

Q171 Quantizer Bank

Quantizer Bank

$248 MSRP

Q172 Quantizer Aid

Quantizer Aid

$144 MSRP

Q960 Sequential Controller

Sequential Controller

$880 MSRP

Q961 Sequencer Interface

Sequencer Interface

$140 MSRP

Q962 Sequential Switch

Sequential Switch

$160 MSRP

Q963 Trigger Bus

Trigger Bus for Q960

$130 MSRP

Q174 MIDI Interface

MIDI Interface

$264 MSRP

Q175 MIDI Interface Aid

MIDI Interface Aid

$130 MSRP

Q182TS ThumbStick Controller

ThumbStick Controller

$185 MSRP

Q181FJ Foot Pedal Interface

CV and Switch (Gate) Pedal Interface

$105 MSRP

Q167 LFO++ Low Frequency Oscillator

Low Frequency Oscillator and universal modulator

$222 MSRP

Q191 Analog Clock

A clock. Simple as that.

$35 MSRP

Q181V1 Whammy Bar Controller

Whammy Bar Controller

$225 MSRP

Q181RC Ribbon Controller

Ribbon Controller

$155 MSRP

Q182JS Joystick Controller

Two axis joystick controller with manual gates and threshold gates

$225 MSRP

Q181EB Expression Block Controller

Expression Block

$175 MSRP

Q173 Gate Math

Clock generator, divider and multiplier

$268 MSRP

Q181W Wheel Controller

Pitch/Mod Wheel Controller

$145 MSRP

Q139 Patcher Jack Panel

Patcher Jack

$17 MSRP

Q181TP TouchPad Controller

The TouchPad Controller produces a voltage as you press the pad.

$135 MSRP

Q179 Envelope++

Envelopes with VC, Looping, Dual EG, and 4-step sequencer.

$256 MSRP

Q137 Power Control and Interface

Power Control and Interface Module

$92 MSRP
1 HP Power

Q182-RP20 Ribbon and Pressure Controller

Ribbon and Pressure Controller

$520 MSRP

Q107A State Variable Filter (VCF)

Q107A State Variable Filter (VCF)

$136 MSRP

Q148 VCA++


$212 MSRP

Q106A Oscillator (VCO)

Oscillator with additional waveform selector switch,soft sync and AC/DC switching.

$288 MSRP

Q182V2 Whammy Bar Controller

Dual-Axis Whammy Bar Controller

$285 MSRP

Q182KP Knob and Pressure Controller

Knob and Pressure Controller

$255 MSRP

Q182W Wheel Controller

Pitch and Mod Wheels

$290 MSRP

Q114 Mixer++

Mixer, Distributor, Amplifier, Inverter, Offset

$167 MSRP

Q157 SH++ Sample and Hold

LFO/Divider/Sample and Hold/Noise/Decay/Slew 6 in one module

$192 MSRP

Custom Cherry Matrix Switcher

10x10 Matrix Switcher Module

$450 MSRP


MIDI Interface Aid

$130 MSRP

Q170 MIDI Gates

MIDI Gates

$170 MSRP

Q192 Bat Meter

Bat Meter


Q150A Transistor Ladder Filter

Single-width version of the Q150 Transistor Ladder Filter

$160 MSRP

Q115 + Q116 Dotcombo

Spring Reverb + Ring Modulator

Q155 Curver, VC Inverter, Slope Detector, VCA

Q155 Curver, VC Inverter, Slope Detector, VCA

$206 MSRP

Q106A Oscillator Silver Face Plate

Q106A in brushed aluminum face plate


Q156 Comparator, LFO, VCA, AC Mixer Module

The Q156 module combines a signal comparator, LFO, VCA and AC Mixer/Coupler in a...

$199 MSRP


Bat Meter (single-space version)

$92 MSRP

Combopanel S/H, Noise, Ring Modulator

Sample & Hold, Noise, Ring Modulator

$283 MSRP

Q163 Eurorack Adapter

Eurorack adapter module

$188 MSRP


Q103 power module with 2 4-way mults


Eurorack Adapter (80HP)

$529 MSRP


Compact version of the Q119 24 stage sequencer

$570 MSRP

Q169 Oscillator++

two audio oscillators, an LFO, envelope generator and sample-and-hold

$680 MSRP

Q168 Oscillator++ Aid

Aid module for use with the Q169 Oscillator++ module

$180 MSRP


Dual Envelope Generator

$215 MSRP