Hi! This is V2 of my next potential build. The focus of this build is around ergonomics and a huge emphasis on analog synthesis. What can't be removed is primarily in the OSC section and the MIDI section

OSC requirements
- TZ VCO w/ wavefold
- dual syncable analog VCOs
Voice additions
- Ring Mod and polarized mixing (for multiple waveforms and subtractive/inverted mixing)
- Logic and Clock Division ( for sub octave creation and gate length PWM from unorthodox waveforms like folded TZFM )

I'm a huge fan of LPGs and creative mixing that doesn't require a standard format similar to the StereoMix or an external Mixer. However the end-point in my mixer set-up has a bluetooth option which I'm all about and am a huge proponent of the advancement of BT tech and the convenience it brings to music as a whole.

As for the MIDI requirement, the Michigan Synthworks mBranes is perfect cost-effective and size-effective arp and midi->CV conversion that can use the WIDI module format. I've talked directly with MSW on this mod and it's nice to know they use the same tools to sequence off their phones, or from their DAW, or any other BT sequencing solutions.

It's important to note that this build has been built from the suggestions of those in the forums and from the immensely helpful community here on Modulargrid. I'm sorry I can't name all of you, but I want to share my gratitude for you and the benevolence and philanthropy of this community. You all rock and help the world feel less like an obstacle and more like a home.