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ThunderRack - Rack Development Another thing to keep in mind is that the Tiptop Fold has a… by Lugia in Racks
I need some advice to build my Eurorack Thanks very much for the explanations Lugia, I thought the … by NicoKeet in Racks
Rackbrute ac leakage Ok, Thx, Lugia, (oh hope we did not steal this thread away … by ThunderSound in Racks

News from the Labs

  • NANO Modules FONT NANO Modules  Friday April 19, 20:01
    Introducing FONT ⚡ A massive sounding filter designed to bring you powerful basslines, tons of FM modulation and a clean resonance over your audio path. More info here: BUY IT NOW through our website or authorized dealers!  
  • Pharmasonic  Friday April 19, 18:05
    Introducing SY-CORE mk2, a new version of SY-CORE, our true Syncussion clone. Now in stock ! SY-MOD, the perfect compliment to SY-CORE mk2, still available. 
  • Error Instruments NEW cloud busting . black gunmetal panel Error Instruments  Friday April 19, 13:20
    NEW Cloudbusting is a full experimental Modular synthesiser sound of as deep Drones .And also the Inspired sound of the plum . The sound of ciat lonbarde plumbutter lot more see demo at errorinstruments 
  • Joranalogue Audio Design Receive 2 Joranalogue Audio Design  Thursday April 18, 15:15
    Here's DivKid's quick look at the Receive 2 and Transmit 2 I/O modules, showing you how they can ease interfacing your Eurorack with the outside world (and some of the birds that inhabit it!) -> 
  • ReBach CATCH VCO-AB ReBach  Wednesday April 17, 12:15
    The well-known CATCH series VCO-A is now also available in black. The CATCH VCO-AB! Same nice specification, same nice sound, same nice price! 
  • VOID Modular Graviton VCO VOID Modular  Tuesday April 16, 11:53
    A swiss army knife of a VCO in 8hp. Triangle, sine, saw, pulse, /2 suboctave square, /4 suboctave square, white noise, pink noise. The noise is normalized to the FM attenuverter, so you can do anything from 'a little dirty' to 'tuned noise'. It's 3340 based, so it's very stable, but enough extras to give it some personality. 
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Top Modules rated by users

  1. Random*Source Serge Dual Universal Slope Generator (DUSG) MK2 Ø 4.78 (23)
  2. Joranalogue Audio Design Filter 8 Ø 4.78 (27)
  3. Shuttle Control Ø 4.76 (21)
  4. Make Noise Maths Ø 4.76 (433)
  5. Orthogonal Devices ER-301: Sound Computer Ø 4.75 (32)
  6. ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's NEW Workout Ø 4.73 (103)
  7. The Harvestman Piston Honda Mk III Ø 4.73 (22)
  8. Mannequins THREE SISTERS Ø 4.72 (104)
  9. Moog Music Inc. DFAM - Drummer From Another Mother Ø 4.72 (25)
  10. Strymon Magneto Ø 4.72 (25)
  11. Cwejman VCO-2RM Ø 4.71 (21)
  12. Mutable instruments Marbles Ø 4.71 (51)
  13. Manhattan Analog DTM Ø 4.70 (23)
  14. Random*Source Variable Q VCF Ø 4.69 (39)
  15. Random*Source Serge Wave Multipliers (VCM) Ø 4.69 (29)
  16. Mutable instruments Stages Ø 4.69 (29)
  17. WMD Performance mixer Ø 4.68 (28)
  18. Xaoc Devices Batumi Ø 4.67 (148)
  19. Make Noise MATHS Ø 4.66 (90)
  20. Mutable instruments Rings Ø 4.65 (190)
  21. Delptronics Trigger Man Ø 4.65 (20)
  22. Intellijel Metropolis Ø 4.64 (121)
  23. Mannequins JUST FRIENDS Ø 4.64 (61)
  24. Winter Modular Eloquencer Ø 4.62 (24)
  25. Expert Sleepers ES-8 Ø 4.62 (24)

Modules have to be rated at least 20 times to appear in this list. Any module with a rating better than Ø 4.32 is considered to be above average.

Popular Modules in racks

  1. Make Noise Maths in 40574 Racks
  2. Mutable instruments Clouds in 31501 Racks
  3. Mutable instruments Rings in 21231 Racks
  4. Make Noise Pressure Points in 20757 Racks
  5. Expert Sleepers Disting mk4 in 20251 Racks
  6. Intellijel Buff Mult in 18620 Racks
  7. Xaoc Devices Batumi in 17097 Racks
  8. Mutable instruments Plaits in 16672 Racks
  9. Make Noise Morphagene in 16015 Racks
  10. ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's NEW Workout in 15840 Racks
  11. Make Noise Richter Wogglebug 2014 in 15704 Racks
  12. Make Noise Rene in 15243 Racks
  13. Mutable instruments Peaks in 15134 Racks
  14. Doepfer A-140 in 14203 Racks
  15. Tiptop Audio uZeus in 14001 Racks
  16. Make Noise DPO in 13418 Racks
  17. Mutable instruments Ripples in 13392 Racks
  18. Make Noise STO in 13183 Racks
  19. Intellijel Quadra in 13005 Racks
  20. Intellijel Quad VCA in 12642 Racks
  21. Moog Music Inc. Moog Mother-32 in 12567 Racks
  22. Make Noise Optomix in 12544 Racks
  23. Intellijel μVCA II in 12478 Racks
  24. Intellijel Metropolis in 12379 Racks
  25. Make Noise Erbe-Verb in 12308 Racks

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