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ModularGrid is a database and planner for modular synthesizers

Eurorack was introduced by Dieter Doepfer in 1995. Eurorack is the most popular format on ModularGrid.

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There are 15034 Eurorack modules to choose from. Users build 472787 Racks in this universe.

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News from the Labs

Cycle Instruments Tetrachords
19 Feb 2024 Cycle Instruments
Manual updates released for the Tetrachords module. 
Feedback LFO100
19 Feb 2024 Feedback
Complex analogue LFO from a vintage Japanese modular system! 
Der Mann mit der Maschine E4


E4 - The Encoder Controller NEW MODULE ALERT - E4 - 4 endless encoders with integrated buttons and visual feedback enables DROID users with even more patch efficiency. There’s a new circuit to be used together with the E4 to get hands on all the features and even more, a new sequencer called the encoquencer.  
L-Fusion Electronics Dual Analog Triangle VCO with Through Zero FM - Precision tracking
14 Feb 2024 L-Fusion Electronics
Dual Triangle Core VCO 2.2 release with many improvements:Octave switch changed from 6 to 8 positions for deeper modulation, added startup circuit to prevent VCO lockup on start for those with asymmetric power supplies, extra components for accurate sine outputs with virtually no offset for pitch perfect through zero FM, improved accuracy, noise levels and reduced power consumption. 
Modulove MVMNT
14 Feb 2024 Modulove
Ride the wave with MVMNT - The Bezier Curve Smooth Random CV Module is on its way! Stay tuned for our pre-launch raffle on our website. Get ready to embrace the flow, it's all about the movement. Keep your eyes peeled for updates! 
13 Feb 2024 Synthfox
The SLEDGEHAMMER dynamics and harmoinics smasher is now restocked - as is the KON slew limiting voltage processor and its elder sister EBB & FLOW dual programmable slope generator! 
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Top Modules rated by users

  1. Der Mann mit der Maschine DROID X7 Expander Ø 5.00 (30)
  2. Bastl Instruments Ikarie Ø 4.94 (31)
  3. ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's PRO Workout Ø 4.90 (59)
  4. Der Mann mit der Maschine DROID P2B8 Controller Ø 4.87 (47)
  5. Thonk Plinky Ø 4.87 (30)
  6. Shakmat SumDif Ø 4.84 (32)
  7. Shakmat Bard Quartet Ø 4.83 (41)
  8. Der Mann mit der Maschine DROID P10 Controller Ø 4.83 (41)
  9. 4ms Company Spherical Wavetable Navigator Ø 4.81 (31)
  10. Shakmat HiPass Ø 4.81 (36)
  11. Der Mann mit der Maschine DROID Ø 4.80 (84)
  12. Random*Source Serge Resonant Equalizer (EQ) Ø 4.79 (57)
  13. Euclidean Circles v2 Ø 4.78 (55)
  14. ThreeTom Modular Steve's MS-22 Ø 4.78 (59)
  15. Cosmotronic Delta-V Ø 4.78 (49)
  16. Strymon StarLab Ø 4.77 (31)
  17. XOR Electronics Nerdseq Black Aluminium Front Ø 4.77 (70)
  18. Westlicht PER|FORMER Ø 4.76 (51)
  19. Shakmat Knight's Gallop Ø 4.76 (34)
  20. Shakmat Dual Dagger Ø 4.76 (38)
  21. Rossum Electro-Music Evolution Ø 4.76 (38)
  22. Intellijel Metropolix Ø 4.76 (63)
  23. Happy Nerding 3x MIA - black Ø 4.76 (42)
  24. Frap Tools BRENSO Ø 4.76 (54)
  25. Make Noise Maths Ø 4.76 (552)

Modules have to be rated at least 30 times to appear in this list. Any module with a rating better than Ø 4.34 is considered to be above average.

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Popular Modules in racks

  1. Mutable instruments Plaits in 61041 Racks
  2. ALM Busy Circuits Pamela's NEW Workout in 54776 Racks
  3. Make Noise Maths in 48446 Racks
  4. Expert Sleepers Disting mk4 in 46944 Racks
  5. Make Noise Morphagene in 46427 Racks
  6. Make Noise Maths (white knobs) in 42419 Racks
  7. Mutable instruments Rings in 41566 Racks
  8. Intellijel Quad VCA in 39600 Racks
  9. Mutable instruments Clouds in 36621 Racks
  10. Make Noise Mimeophon in 35841 Racks
  11. Intellijel Quadratt 1U in 34214 Racks
  12. Mutable instruments Beads in 33770 Racks
  13. DivKid ochd in 32125 Racks
  14. Xaoc Devices Batumi in 30680 Racks
  15. Intellijel Buff Mult in 29132 Racks
  16. Mutable instruments Marbles in 27329 Racks
  17. Tiptop Audio uZeus in 27091 Racks
  18. Make Noise Richter Wogglebug 2014 in 26254 Racks
  19. Make Noise Pressure Points in 25626 Racks
  20. Doepfer A-124 SE in 23614 Racks
  21. Erica Synths Pico DSP in 23297 Racks
  22. Mutable instruments Stages in 23268 Racks
  23. Make Noise QPAS in 22930 Racks
  24. Mutable instruments Ears in 22312 Racks
  25. Arturia RackBrute 6UPower in 21847 Racks

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