Sometimes washed in the void Octavian

The Mothership Complete

cz style better colb

top rack (copy)

Club Night Bass Patch devint

current case

Stereo Reverse-y Sound HighFructoseCornSyrup

Cats > People

Stereo Reverse-y Sound (Out to Spring Verb) HighFructoseCornSyrup

Cats > People

Skippy Rene (snake; stored quantized so knobs = skips) RogePiltoney

Is that you?

BASIC FLOW (copy) Polyterative

Custom Case

swanky dfam (velocity + Mux gateknob = ratchets) (pitch controls brightness) (mux slides=balance btween kicks and snares) (maths ch2 = full on enved dfam, or balance) RogePiltoney

Is that you?

Patch #1 (copy) mycatsarebad

The Grid

Patch #1 plyci5


chime women devint

current case