Date Region Description Price Seller
USA$120. Module is a DIY build and works great. However it is ~70mm deep and mig...$120.00Armstrongbe View
EUThe overall condition of this *Hex. Inv. Mutant Hihats* is like new. ###te...€130,00STB86 View
EUIn perfect condition shipping is included in the price. I am in Paris/ Fr...€140,00killian95 View
EUThe condition is perfect. Like new. Factory build. Shipping is not included ...€145,00askonradas View
Canada$185 USD. The overall condition of this **Mutant Hi-Hats** is *like new*. ...$185.00mt3 View
EUThe overall condition of this *Hexinverter Électronique Mutant Hihats* is *li...€200,00Kalos View