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Has an issue!

technical condition

  • Blackbox verison, will include the metal chassi and power board.
  • There's a tip of a patch cable stuck in the 4ch output of the mix section (mix of all four inputs). The normalization is not broken, meaning the output is routed into the filter, but it can't be used elsewhere, which sucks. Other signals can be patched into the filter; in this case the mixer output is lost. Though, you can still break away the first two channels, but the last two will always have to be routed into the filter.
  • I did mail pittsburgh about this issue, and they said they would fix it for free if i paid for shipping, but i couldn't afford it at the time, and now i don't want to. Maybe it's an easy fix if you're a good DIYer, but i'm not confident enough that i wanted to try anything myself.
  • Let me know if 500€ is too much.

cosmetic condition

  • minor rash


  • I will ship to EU only.
  • shipping is included.


  • I am in Växjö, Sweden.
  • you can pick up the module there.

payment options

I accept Paypal only.

everything else

no warranty.


my module

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