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Actual Rack Updates and plans 12past12

The Rack contains 29 Modules.

  • My wrongful Eurorack shares 13 modules

    My wrongful Eurorack
  • the dream shares 10 modules

    the dream
  • My backward Eurorack shares 9 modules

    My backward Eurorack
  • My wrongful Eurorack (copied from RANDOMSQ80) shares 13 modules

    My wrongful Eurorack (copied from RANDOMSQ80)
  • For Sale shares 10 modules

    For Sale
  • My yttric Eurorack shares 9 modules

    My yttric Eurorack
  • Main shares 12 modules

  • 2hp master piece shares 10 modules

    2hp master piece
  • 84 Wide (copy) shares 9 modules

    84 Wide (copy)
  • AGUMA shares 11 modules

  • Tully Taargus shares 10 modules

    Tully Taargus
  • tripp d Eurorack (copy) shares 9 modules

    tripp d Eurorack (copy)