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First Synth Eurorack DSn0wMan

The Rack contains 13 Modules.

  • My odd Eurorack shares 40 modules

    My odd Eurorack
  • Synth (copy) shares 9 modules

    Synth (copy)
  • Pittsburgh Modular Foundation 3 (copied from wfrohwein) shares 8 modules

    Pittsburgh Modular Foundation 3 (copied from wfrohwein)
  • My dongle Eurorack shares 12 modules

    My dongle Eurorack
  • My Magic Eurorack shares 8 modules

    My Magic Eurorack
  • My addicted Eurorack shares 8 modules

    My addicted Eurorack
  • Noise shares 10 modules

  • sekhmet test bench shares 8 modules

    sekhmet test bench
  • My submissive Eurorack shares 8 modules

    My submissive Eurorack
  • QQQ shares 9 modules

  • My old Eurorack shares 8 modules

    My old Eurorack
  • Roy's Rack shares 8 modules

    Roy's Rack