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My jarring Eurorack pierstu

The Rack contains 19 Modules.

  • **monster case left top** shares 5 modules

    **monster case left top**
  • First Rack - Mantis Blue shares 4 modules

    First Rack - Mantis Blue
  • Exploration list shares 3 modules

    Exploration list
  • **monster case right top** shares 5 modules

    **monster case right top**
  • 2x Mantis (Left) shares 4 modules

    2x Mantis (Left)
  • My cunning Eurorack shares 3 modules

    My cunning Eurorack
  • Example Rack for True shares 5 modules

    Example Rack for True
  • Little Baby shares 3 modules

    Little Baby
  • Z Befaco bottom tier shares 3 modules

    Z Befaco bottom tier
  • Rack 5 shares 4 modules

    Rack 5
  • Buchla esqe (copy) shares 3 modules

    Buchla esqe (copy)
  • MTM only shares 3 modules

    MTM only