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126hp 6u in progress - end goal (in review) v6 mutable Harrie

The Rack contains 24 Modules.

  • My 9U 84HP system shares 21 modules

    My 9U 84HP system
  • Love Machine shares 18 modules

    Love Machine
  • meme shares 18 modules

  • 420 one shares 21 modules

    420 one
  • 1st Pitts shares 18 modules

    1st Pitts
  • Mutable Instruments shares 17 modules

    Mutable Instruments
  • My odd Eurorack shares 19 modules

    My odd Eurorack
  • Mutable Instruments (Right Base of Large System) shares 18 modules

    Mutable Instruments (Right Base of Large System)
  • MNML Rack shares 17 modules

    MNML Rack
  • My tiny Eurorack shares 19 modules

    My tiny Eurorack
  • My bad Eurorack shares 18 modules

    My bad Eurorack
  • My gleeful Eurorack shares 17 modules

    My gleeful Eurorack