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My lazy Eurorack jbartee

The Rack contains 10 Modules.

  • Input controls shares 8 modules

    Input controls
  • My Actual bottom lid shares 6 modules

    My Actual bottom lid
  • My gross Eurorack shares 6 modules

    My gross Eurorack
  • Controller Rack shares 7 modules

    Controller Rack
  • Performance Skiff (PP) shares 6 modules

    Performance Skiff (PP)
  • Walnut 6u 104hp shares 6 modules

    Walnut 6u 104hp
  • My awesome Eurorack shares 7 modules

    My awesome Eurorack
  • Make Noise shares 6 modules

    Make Noise
  • Controller shares 6 modules

  • My crazy Eurorack shares 6 modules

    My crazy Eurorack
  • Control shares 6 modules

  • Controllers shares 6 modules