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composition Meska

The Rack contains 25 Modules.

  • Lux shares 44 modules

  • My travel case shares 7 modules

    My travel case
  • My sampler case shares 6 modules

    My sampler case
  • MDLR 7u (copy) (copy) shares 9 modules

    MDLR 7u (copy) (copy)
  • My required Eurorack shares 7 modules

    My required Eurorack
  • My travel case (copy) shares 6 modules

    My travel case (copy)
  • Live Setup 2 (copy) (copy) shares 9 modules

    Live Setup 2 (copy) (copy)
  • Live Rack for Darren Barrett shares 6 modules

    Live Rack for Darren Barrett
  • My Effected Eurorack shares 6 modules

    My Effected Eurorack
  • mothertiles shares 8 modules

  • NLC Suitcase shares 6 modules

    NLC Suitcase
  • Step-stone shares 5 modules