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Doepfer > PM Case Element

The Rack contains 47 Modules.

  • Serious rack shares 62 modules

  • My bygone Eurorack (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) shares 21 modules

  • My tight Eurorack (copied from RageCrage) shares 20 modules

  • My abreast Eurorack shares 47 modules

  • 4 Voice Hybrid V2 shares 21 modules

  • Filter shares 20 modules

  • My engrained Eurorack (copy) shares 43 modules

  • My tight Eurorack shares 20 modules

  • My frowsy Eurorack shares 20 modules

  • My bygone Eurorack (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) shares 21 modules

  • monster case 12 voice poly processing sans oscillators and control shares 20 modules

  • My bygone Eurorack (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) shares 19 modules