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This is a showroom of similar racks from other users.

Enclave 12u (Early May, Kurimanzutto) kfw

The Rack contains 47 Modules.

  • My bygone Eurorack (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) shares 110 modules

  • My bygone Eurorack (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) shares 58 modules

  • Enclave 12u (November 2018, Brooklyn) (copied from kfw) shares 34 modules

  • My bygone Eurorack (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) shares 74 modules

  • My engrained Eurorack (copy) shares 40 modules

  • HD / PH / dpo (copy) (copy) shares 31 modules

  • My bygone Eurorack (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) shares 73 modules

  • My abreast Eurorack shares 39 modules

  • HD / PH / dpo shares 30 modules

  • My bygone Eurorack (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) (copy) shares 59 modules

  • Enclave 12u (2018, Lisbon) (copied from kfw) shares 35 modules

  • HD / PH / dpo (copy) shares 30 modules