Power Consumption: 5952 mA +12V | 1979 mA -12V | 763 mA 5V | Depth: 120 mm | Price: $16,151 | Number of Modules: 209 | Data Sheet
Achtung This Rack contains modules with incomplete power consumption specs: Korg Volca Kick, S3n0Я PerfMIX v.2, Haible String Filter Eurorack, Syncussion SY-1 Percussion Synthesizer, ASD Amputator, Verde Tube Modulator, Half-N-Half (Music Box + Spring and Step Tone Generator), Kammerl Beat Repeat Panel for Clouds (White) by North Coast Modular Collective, sonic lulaby WISKY, Ann Arbor Percussion Synthesizer, Redline ANAGO Vocoder, RedLine FUTOMAKI OscLpf, Redline HOTATE ChDelay, Redline KOHADA GlitchOsc, SSM2044/SSM2040 Dual VCF, Kmpr Space Odyssey , Hexa VCA, ADSR, Boost, rHPF, AMP, transistor ladder filter, Oto Machines Biscuit CV+, S3n0R Trapezoid Generator, DS8 Clone, Oberheim DX, Monotron, Megamult, Weird Sound Generator, LIN VCO, minifex, 2xO/A, FX600, H0Medics (Sample Injector) Custom IN PROGRESS, Terminal Tedium (bsom panel), Power Mult , SotDEcho, S3n0Я S.S.Seq, DAP!, 8-Channel Quantizer, Synamodec - Stealaess, Yusynth CV Standard, Dubldeca, Mutation, ARP ODYS, J. Haible Living VCO (Logicgate Panel), Uoki-Toki - Pik!, Microbrute Euro (SE), _404_ atari punk console01, Triggerhappy, ChartreArts Psilocybe Optocoupler Filter, Stereo Mixer SO3, E500, Monotron Trio, 16x4x3 Step-Sequencer, S3n0Я 281, cw twister/wave warper, Synthex VCF, Uoki-Toki - Bum! , Re-Verb modified, VolcaFMeuro, PClone2, MIDI 2 CV, VCO, MFOS Dual VCA, MS20 clone VCF Low Pass Filter, Mixer 2x3