Power Consumption: 10122 mA +12V | 4661 mA -12V | 174 mA 5V | Depth: 127 mm | Price: $37,666 | Number of Modules: 151 | Data Sheet
Achtung This Rack contains modules with incomplete power consumption specs: Synthex VCF, ARP ODYS, AM8040 Low Pass Filter, AM8014 Ring Modulator, AM8125 VCO, BMC34 Switched Resistor VCF, Haible String Filter Eurorack, Twin-T Drum Kick, VC-SC, Drum, Neònach [Custom Shop], MFOS ADSR, Cosmopolitan, Space Case TE-2 [Black], Spooky Action, SYSTEM 100 112 DUAL VCO, SYSTEM 100 110 VCO/VCF/VCA